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The Beginning and the End: Freshman Year vs. Senior Year

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For many students, high school is a journey that will never be forgotten. From a geeky, nervous freshman to an over-confident, worn out senior and everything in between, the high school experience is irreplaceable.

In commemoration of Wesleyan’s 2016-  2017 school year, two surveys were conducted: one was sent out to the freshman class, while the other was sent out to the senior class. The freshman survey, containing six questions regarding the current school year, collected responses from 55 students, while the senior survey, containing eight questions regarding the current school year, collected responses from 43 students.

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Working Our Way To College

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College is an expected destination for Wesleyan students. With every new week of school comes new tests, quizzes and papers to write, and everyone works hard to keep their GPAs eligible to get them into their dream college. Between tests and quizzes, students give up their nights and Saturday mornings for ACT and SAT tutoring, and let’s not forget sports and play practices. So how are students expected to have any fun?

The ultimate goal for Wesleyan students is to work hard enough to get into the college of their choice. Although we often believe that high school doesn’t matter because we are learning pointless subjects, it does matter for our futures, with colleges and even life after college. Keep Reading

Peer Group Check-In

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Peer Groups are a long standing tradition dating back to 2000. The Green & Gold asked a freshmen from each of the twelve groups the following questions to check in on how they have gone so far.

  1. What is your favorite part of peer groups?
  2. What have peer groups done for you?
  3. Has your experience helped you this year?

Sophie Parsonnet (Parents: Hannah Peterson & Chris Middleton)-

  1. My favorite part about peer groups is when we do “family” outings together somewhere out of school.
  2. Peer groups has made me reach out to other students in my grade that I may have not talked to as much.
  3. Yes this experience has helped me so much this year because it lets me get to know the seniors better and not be as scared of them as I would be.

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