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Eyeball Day Impresses Students and Faculty

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Corneas, pupils and optic nerves are just three of the amazing wonders of the eyeball that were explored during a trip through the eyeball on Wesleyan’s fourth grade Eyeball Day.

Last month, the Wesleyan fourth graders hosted Eyeball Day in the lower school. They decorated one of the rooms as the inside of an eyeball where they gave tours to anyone who wanted to see it and learn about the human eye.

Lower school teacher Megan Rappe said, “We have eyeball day because the fourth graders are studying the structure and function of the eye in science taught by Mrs. Cooper.  Not only do they learn about it but have to figure out how to teach it to others – younger students, high schoolers, and adults.”

Each fourth grader acted as a tour guide to the person they were leading through the eye. Fourth grader, Eli Hewitson, said, “On eyeball day I learned that the kids I toured were very curious about the eye, and I enjoyed that the kids listened to every word that my partner and I said.”

The fourth graders were very informative and knew a wide array of information about the eye. Rappe said that the fourth graders were excited to show off their knowledge to people of all ages.

Everyone who went through the eyeball room was very impressed with the knowledge that the fourth graders portrayed. Rappe said, “My favorite part of eyeball day was watching how comfortable the fourth graders were with the high schoolers and how sweet the high schoolers were with the little ones.  They were very proud of their own efforts.”


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