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Guillermo Vallejo

Senior Girls Share Night with Fathers

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The senior girl’s father daughter dance that took place on Saturday March 9 and was a night for everyone to remember. In years past it has been a time where daughters would bring their dads to Dubose Dining Hall for dinner and a movie in Powell Theater. This year was the first ever senior girls father daughter dance. Keep Reading

Wesleyan “Gives That Blood”

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Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood and that number is continuing to increase every day. However, each year, Wesleyan has the opportunity to help contribute to the emergency need for blood.

On Jan. 18, the Red Cross brought all of their equipment and set up a blood drive right in Chapman Library. Having a blood drive at Wesleyan really encourages faculty, staff, students and parents to donate blood at a location that is convenient for them. Keep Reading

Why Should People Care?

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2017 was an arduous year for the United States. Deemed the deadliest year for mass shootings in U.S. history, the country finished the year with around 307 mass shootings. Police killed 1,147 people, and there was a substantial number of bombings in public places. England and France also made notable headlines in the U.S. However, 11.5 percent of Syria’s population has been killed or injured since 2011, proving that is it much rarer to see news like that make headlines in first-world countries.

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Catalonia’s Demand for Independence

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Whether it be through soccer, economics or relations between the people, the Catalonian Secession is having a profound impact on the country of Spain. The Catalonians are demanding independence from Spain and will settle for nothing less than complete secession from their mother country.

Catalonia is a region of Spain that runs itself autonomously with their own government called the Generalitat de Catalunya. Catalonians have never really considered themselves to be a part of Spain. For many years, Catalonia and Spain were separate countries, but in 1714, the Spanish defeated Catalonia in the War of the Spanish Succession, which resulted in modern-day Spain. When democracy regained power after General Francisco Franco, Catalonia was granted some autonomy in 1977.

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Wesleyan Anticipates 2018 Mission Trips

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Next spring break, 200 or more high school students and teachers will embark on a life-changing trip, but the preparation and anticipation for the upcoming missions season begins in early fall. Keep Reading

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