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Night at the Drive-In: Wesleyan Homecoming 2018

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    Seniors twins Amanda and George Doane get crowned homecoming king and queen at the homecoming football game. Brian L. Morgan.
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    High school girls, Connor Caroll, Kaylynn Kirkland, Paige Wyatt, Alyssa Phillips, Izzy Larsen, Connie Harris, Jernai Kerr, Imani Washington and Jada Richardson express themselves through their costumes on matching day. Brian L. Morgan.
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    A group of freshman, Hampton Huggins, Will Burns, Matthew Brown, Joseph Cook, Grace Elsevier, Emily Godfrey, Lauren Balch and Gabby Oakes pose with their dates before their first homecoming. Grace Elsevier.
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    Sophomore girls, Katherine Murphy, Ansley Morehouse, Alexandra Murphy, Natalie Gross, Adyson Means, Caitlin Kelley, Isabella Martin and Emma Nydam dress up as different movie snacks on Friday of homecoming week. Elizabeth Gross.

Thirty five out of the thirty-six weeks of the Wesleyan school year are filled with countless assessments, Bible papers and piles of homework; Homecoming Week is the one week out of the year where school becomes a little less serious. It is a time where students trade the uniforms for silly costumes and this year, the school went from a normal high school in Georgia to the red carpet in Hollywood.

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Homecoming Festivities Entertain and Unite

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As the years pass by the Homecoming dance and all of the festivities that come along with it never seem to disappoint.

Although the homecoming dance is the main event, there are many activities that are built around the actual dance. One popular event is the homecoming football game. The Homecoming Queen and King are announced at halftime which seems to get the student body even more excited about the dance.

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Wolves Defeat KIPP Atlanta in Homecoming Football Game

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    Seniors, Will Barnard, Ryan Hughes, Conner Day and Shelton Gottlich, cheer on their fellow teammates late in the game. Photo taken by Caroline Hodges.
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    Seniors, Will Barnard, Ryan Hughes, Conner Day and Shelton Gottlich, cheer on their fellow teammates late in the game. Photo taken by Caroline Hodges.

The Wesleyan Wolves had an outstanding victory on Friday, September 18th to continue a four game winning streak. Wesleyan played KIPP Atlanta and triumphed with a score of 38-6. Senior, Jordan Argilagos, was a key part of the Wolves offense, having a total of 121 rushing yards and two touchdowns. When asked about the game, Argilagos said, “It was a great game. All around, the team was clicking on all cylinders. It feels like we are moving along very well, and the season is taking off in the right direction.”

Senior, Jordan Mack, helped the Wolves get an early lead with a four yard touchdown run in the first quarter. Later in that quarter, Argilagos rushed four times for a total of 55 yards resulting in a touchdown. Shortly after, Argilagos ran 49 yards on the Wolves’ next offensive drive for a third touchdown of the quarter. Senior, Jordan Weaver, made all three extra points giving the Wolves a 21-0 lead going into the second quarter.

Sophomore, George Bielan, sprinted 31 yards on the Wolves first offensive possession of the second quarter for a touchdown. Weaver converted the extra point and then later scored a 23-yard field goal, making the score 31-0 going into the half.

For the first touchdown of the second half, sophomore quarterback, Banks Ramsey, connected with junior, Harrison Cook, for a 27-yard touchdown pass. Weaver converted the extra point to give the Wolves a 38-0 lead going into the fourth quarter.

Late in the fourth quarter, KIPP scored on a four-yard touchdown pass, but failed to convert the extra point. The game ended with a 38-6 Wolves win.

Thanks to the Spirit Captains−Sydney Weissman, Kylie Reed, JT Eigel, Will Harper and Christopher Walton−the Wolf Pack supported the Wolves more than ever. The theme was “blackout,” and the Wolf Pack went all out, screaming on defense, being silent on offense, and cheering with might to encourage good plays; the student section has never been better.


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