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Marching Wolves Ready to Shine

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    Seniors (Left to Right): Patrick Ryan, Chase Kelly, Taylor Berg, Geoff Taylor, Yasmine Brooks and Andrew Strayhorn Photo: Brian Morgan

The Wesleyan Marching Wolves have worked tirelessly to prepare a fantastic show for halftime at the football games along with band exclusive competitions this fall. With endless hours of hard work and dedication, director Jeff Foster is very excited for this show because it is unique and has an artistic flair that has not been seen before by the Wesleyan band.

With the hard work starting in late June at band camp, the Marching Wolves have weathered the excessive heat of a Georgia summer and will continue all the way to the bitter cold of the late fall. Comradery and passion for their talents keep the band members in high spirit throughout the tough times of harsh temperatures or inclement weather. With practices lasting as long as eight hours in the summer, it takes more than just love for music to be a member of the band family.

There is a great teaching staff this year to assist the Foster. There are three “community coaches” who lead along with Foster. Brendan Taylor, Deidra Dobbelmann and Shelby Brooks have all sacrificed their personal time to come out to Wesleyan on a daily basis and help the Marching Wolves prepare for their competitions and halftime entertainment shows. Foster raves about his assistants saying, “They have all performed at such a high level in the world of music. Even higher than me.” Clearly, Foster has a strong staff to support him.

The show this year is titled, “Silver Lining,” and is very exciting and different from previous years. The show this year is performed more like a story, rather than a show. The show progresses from the whole band in black uniforms to white uniforms at the end. The overall theme of the show is that good can conquer bad, and also that there is always a positive side when all things seem negative. Foster is very adamant that this theme must be seen by the whole school because it is more than just a performance, but a message to the school. The members of the band are thrilled about the competition season, which begins in the end of October.

Drum major Jessie Roberts says, “Make sure you stay after the homecoming game next Friday to see our performance. You don’t want to miss out!” Roberts was correct because their full performance was marvelous and lived up to all expectations.  If you missed out on the debut performance, the Marching Wolves will be playing during halftime performances throughout the season.

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