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Women’s History Month: Champions of Peace

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As the month of February shifts out of focus, March brings in a new celebration spotlighting Women’s History. An integral part of this month is to show the traits of perseverance, resilience and bravery women have within them.

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March Madness: The Battle of the Best

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Annually, the month of March attracts male and female spectators who create brackets and bet against odds for the NCAA’s Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament. March Madness features 68 teams who compete against each other until there is a champion. Last year, Villanova beat Michigan to become the 2018 National Champions. This year, each team has a chance to come out on top and show scouts and the NCAA how much talent they have. Keep Reading

Madness Ensues as Bracketology Begins

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    Cadet Plumlee, Duke's Center, is off to a hot start. CBS Sports

How does one billion dollars sound?  The prize for the perfect bracket is worth exactly that, according to Warren Buffet.  March Madness, also known as the NCAA tournament, is gearing up to take place and create a stir among the student body.

Grades are already forming their bracket leagues, testing to see who may pick the most accurate bracket for this year’s tournament.

This NCAA tournament is a 64 team bracket that also includes a four team play in bracket.  Overall, there are 65 games that are played to determine which team will outlast the rest and claim their place in the history books as the 2016 NCAA tournament champion.

This year, Warren Buffet has put his money on the line again with the Billion Dollar Bracket, sponsored by Quicken Loans.  If anyone in the world achieves a perfect bracket, they will win the money.  Sadly for those who are full believers in their bracket, there have approximatley 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 chances in a perfect bracket, so the chances are slim.  For any Wesleyan student looking for a quick penny, filling out a bracket may be worth your while.

March Madness brings out the best in some faculty members as well.  Faculty member Candler Baxley has a tradition in his March habits.  He said, “I am giddy. I have been listening to the Luther Vandross version of “One Shining Moment” for a week now.”  He also talked about his bracket, although it is still a secret since it will win.  He said, “I actually don’t watch a lot of college basketball until the tournament, so I’ll just go with Kansas.”  Clearly, Candler Baxley is ready for the games to begin.  Senior Jordan Mack is also excited for the games to begin.  He said, “I’m excited.  It will be fun to see if my picks are right or not.”  Get ready people of Wesleyan, the games are about to begin and chaos will follow.

The Wesleyan community, as well as the sports loving community around the country, are ready for another crazy month full of Cinderella stories and powerhouse beat-downs.  Tune in to watch the Madness, as it will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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