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Wolves Take Midtown

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When school started in August, most students began to perceive their social lives as “over” or “done for.” Music Midtown, however, is the last opportunity for fun before the full stress of the school year kicks in and social lives are concluded while obtaining a trendy façade.

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Music Midtown Rocks Piedmont Park

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    Photo: Abby VanLandingham

Music Midtown was quite the event this year. Although it conflicted with both the homecoming football game and dance, many people still made the annual journey to Piedmont Park for Friday night and Saturday for great music and time with friends. With a lineup headlining Elton John, Van Halen and Drake, the crowd stayed boisterous and loud throughout the entire event. With music ranging from classic rock all the way to electric pop and rap, Music Midtown caters to a wide array of music enthusiasts and provides great opportunity to hear music in one of the most unique environments around.

Senior Mallory Grizzle was very excited for Music Midtown this year. She said, “I’ve been going for three years and it’s become a tradition for me. The lineup this year is a lot less popular, but I love it. Jack White won the show for me last year. I’m excited for Catfish & the Bottlemen, X Ambassadors and some other awesome acts this year.”   With small and large market artists playing this year, everyone is destined to find a show that is perfect for them.

A major headline of the event was the performance by Drake. Drake came to his show with new music, but also threw it back to his older songs upon which he began his road to stardom. He definitely appealed to both the young and old audiences.

Even though Music Midtown did not have many Wesleyan representatives this year, the few and brave that went had a great time. The weather throughout the entire weekend was stellar with sunshine and clear skies, and the performances were world class. Once again, Music Midtown did not disappoint.

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