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Time Out: The World Without Sports

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Sports are one of the great bridges of today’s society that allow people with uncommon backgrounds to connect with each other for a common purpose. In times of hardship and struggle, they give people hope and a moment of escape and, teach young men and women valuable lessons and principles, such as teamwork, humility, hard work, pride, and sportsmanship. They give people something to be inspired by. Simply put, sports, in their own way, make the world a better place. This brings up the question: What is the response of the world when such an integral part of its culture is stripped away? In recent weeks, almost every popular sports association and league has fallen victim to the outbreak of Covid-19. Thousands of athletes and fans have been relegated to the sidelines for the foreseeable future. This pandemic only seems to be getting worse, which means that the return of many major sports anytime soon seems highly unlikely. In the wake of this, executives, athletes and fans all around the world are discovering creative ways to fill the void.

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March Madness: The Battle of the Best

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Annually, the month of March attracts male and female spectators who create brackets and bet against odds for the NCAA’s Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament. March Madness features 68 teams who compete against each other until there is a champion. Last year, Villanova beat Michigan to become the 2018 National Champions. This year, each team has a chance to come out on top and show scouts and the NCAA how much talent they have. Keep Reading

March Madness Tips Off

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Buzzer-beaters, unpredictable upsets and one ultimate champion: March Madness is finally here. Starting the second week of March and running until the first week of April, the NCAA Basketball Tournament does not fail to entertain. This year’s bracket was announced in early February by the Division 1 men’s basketball committee. Since then, millions of fans have been sent into a frenzy of excitement; this is exactly the chaos that gives the tournament its name: March Madness.

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