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Wesleyan Coach Robbed; Technology Assists in Arrest

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A Wesleyan coach was the victim of a robbery in Duluth this month.

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Community Reaction to Clown Sightings

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For years, clown suits have been used as popular Halloween costumes, but this year the so-called funny costume has been taken to a new level of creepiness. Since the end of August, people dressed in clown costumes have been sighted in different states tormenting children, students and even adults.

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Changes are Coming for SLW

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Four years ago, Student Led Worship (SLW) entered its first year as an independent student run ministry with only 20 students. Held on Wednesday mornings in the McKeever Room, this year’s first SLW had around 150 students, showing significant growth.

This year, the team does not want to focus on statistics and numbers, but rather “focus on the lives that can be changed through SLW,” said Katie Newman, senior and SLW director.

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Wesleyan Students Catch Pokémon Go Fever

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    The Pokémon Go Logo

Pokémon Go has swept the nation and Wesleyan; providing both entertainment and potential danger. Pokémon Go is an app that allows Pokémon from the world of the manga and anime to come to our world. The goal is to “catch ‘em all”.

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