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Academic Bowl Team Competes on Live TV

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By the time you even read this, the question was already answered.  The Academic Bowl team is a small society of some of the brightest and fastest students on campus.  Meeting in secret, the team is a small team of six that is quietly having a very successful season.

The team members are Daniel Baisier, Sameet Singh, Jack Lambert, Matthew Pluck, Max Fernandes and Henry Beltrami.  Led by faculty sponsors Phillip Hart and Matt Crew, the team has lots of opportunities to show the world how smart Wesleyan students really are.

On March 21st, the Wesleyan Academic Bowl team will go back onto live television to compete with other schools in the area.  That will be broadcasted onto WSB, or channel 2 for most.

Student Daniel Baisier is very happy with the season so far.  He said, “The team is actually a lot of fun.  Although it is challenging and mentally exhausting, the knowledge that we have picked up will be beneficial later.  I am excited to get another opportunity to compete on TV.”

This season has been a success this far with a handful of wins.  Although it may seem as if the team would be boring, all team members and faculty sponsors stress the importance of it and recommend participating in future years.

Watch the High-Q Competition against Pace Here!

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