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Heartbroken to Healed: Wesleyan Finds Love with Blackbaud

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While many students were eagerly awaiting the drama and romance of weekly episodes of ABC’s “The Bachelorette” this summer, a juicy new relationship was formed in Wesleyan cyberspace, unbeknownst to many. Over the last few months, hearts were broken and re-healed as Wesleyan technology went from an ugly, but necessary breakup with PowerSchool to finding love again with the advanced, all-in-one system that is Blackbaud.

As many people know, the Wesleyan community was having serious issues with PowerSchool towards the end of last year, as frustrations rose with its secrecy and continuous problems. Not only was the popular grading website hiding secrets from students such as their current and past GPAs, but it was simply unable to offer adequate information and conversation.

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