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The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

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Wesleyan super fans, while fond of Friday night lights, go out of their way to support other athletic and artistic endeavors. Whether it is witnessing the girls’ volleyball team ace Parkview, enduring the sauna-like heat of the natatorium to cheer on the Water Polo Wolves or congratulating cross country runners for a race well run on an early Saturday morning, these people give their all to show athletes the true meaning of community.

Each Friday night, Wesleyan super fans crowd Henderson Stadium to watch another battle between the Wolves and their opponent. One can hear the combined roar of an ecstatic student section and an upbeat marching band from all the way across Technology Parkway, signaling the epic finale of another great game: “Onward Wesleyan … in all we do, for victory we will fight! Wesleyan, we proudly hail that green, gold, white!” Keep Reading

Wesleyan Students Take On Homecoming Week

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From Game Day to Disney Day, this year’s homecoming week was full of lively days that all the students enjoyed.

Seniors Grace Chapman, Barrett Ramsey, Gabby Hernandez, Katie Newman, and Ashley Godwin dress up for holiday day.
Seniors Grace Chapman, Barrett Ramsey, Gabby Hernandez, Katie Newman and Ashley Godwin dress up for holiday day.

One of the most exciting parts of Wesleyan homecoming activities are the theme days. Every year, the student government decides four different theme days for Monday through Thursday and what each grade will wear on the Friday of homecoming week. Student Body President, senior, Lauren Alexander said to decide the different theme days, the student government “compiles individual ideas on a list and then crosses off the ones [they] don’t like until [they] have a small number [they] can vote on.” Keep Reading

WolfTrackers Promote School Spirit

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    Senior Kylie Reed throws a bag of flour in the air at the beginning of the kick off game.

In addition to the spirit shop, there has been a significant increase in school spirit at Wesleyan due to the “Wolf Pack,” with the help of club advisor, Alex Bufton, The WolfTrackers have been planning long and hard to find ways to contribute to making school spirit a priority for students and the entire Wesleyan community. Keep Reading

Homecoming Costumes Could Not Disguise a Great Week

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    Kendall Dearth dresses as "Dearth Vador", while Maddie Jones is "Spiderman." PHOTO: Rebekah Middlebrooks
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    Camille High, Sydney Weissman, Caroline Hodges, Anna Mosley, and Ellie Hall dress up as inmates from the movie "Holes." PHOTO: Rebekah Middlebrooks
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    Patrick English (Kronk from "Emperor's New Groove") and Cedric Lynch (Superman) are judged by junior Ashley Godwin. PHOTO: Rebekah Middlebrooks

Homecoming week proved to be fun-filled. The dance, the student-faculty basketball game and beautiful weather for all activities on Friday all contributed to this year’s success. Student body president Chris Middleton said, “In my opinion, this year’s homecoming was the best in our school’s history.”

It was a great week. With costume days, pep rallies and a homecoming parade, the Wesleyan student body had many opportunities to express school spirit. With dress up days including “Hashtag Day,” “Stages of Life,” “Twin Day” and “Superheroes.” From freshmen to seniors, the students all heavily participated.

Junior, Patrick English, took home the crown for best costume this year as he dressed up as “Kronk” from “The Emperor’s New Groove.” There were many awesome costumes around the entire school, including the middle school and high school. Wesleyan’s homecoming week was, indeed, memorable this year.

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