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South Africans Join Wesleyan Community

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Who exactly are these South Africans that became part of Wesleyan’s family this past month anyway? Tegan Pienaar and Jess Otter joined the Wesleyan community temporarily in the month of January to attend the Passion Conference.

Tegan has been to Atlanta three times now, while Jess experienced Atlanta for the first time. Students Hannah Cook, Rebekah Middlebrooks and Lolly Zimmerman opened their homes to these South Africans during their stay in Atlanta. When asked about Atlanta, Otter said, “Atlanta is a great place to come and visit. There are so many cool things to see and good food to eat.”

While in Atlanta, Otter experienced not only the Passion Conference, but also Chick-Fil-A for the first time. Although her travel partner, Tegan, is not a fan, she expressed how much she enjoyed it and how often she ate it. Ponce City Market was also a common spot to find Otter, shopping and exploring the more in-town parts of the city.

Tegan had less to see, considering it was his third time visiting, but he still did many new and cool things. Book of Mormon at the Fox Theatre was a highlight for Tegan. After the show, Tegan was thorough in explaining the excellence of the show. Tegan also had the opportunity to speak at Wesleyan again in the Friday morning chapel. Speaking about the theme of the month, “You are Redeemed”, Tegan put a spin on the Gospel that challenged many to reevaluate their lives.

Although they had to leave after a long stay, there will be many more visits to come from these two. When wrapping up the trip, Tegan said, “Wesleyan is always lekka (good) at showing Southern Hospitality. We are both so thankful for this trip and hope to rejoin our Wesleyan family soon.”  Jess was quick to agree that America exceeded her expectations.

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