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Summer Kidder

A COVID-19 Summer

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Three months and thousands of deaths later, the Coronavirus is still making long lasting impacts on life as we used to know it. Plans such as travel, camps and public functions have been either postponed or canceled until further notice, and certainly into the summer of 2020. This radical change has made significant impacts on not only the majority of the Wesleyan community, but the world as a whole. High School Spanish Teacher Senor Vallejo, sophomore Griffin Caldwell and junior Summer Kidder have all experienced a shift in their summer travel and camp plans due to the ever-changing COVID-19 outbreak. Keep Reading

Wolves Sports Gets the “Snow”ball Rolling

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Whether they are swimming in the Davidson Natatorium, wrestling in the Hoover Mezzanine or shooting hoops in Yancey Gymnasium, you will never see the wolves under the weather. The winter wolves are prepared for another season this year. Keep Reading

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