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Unique Journey to Stage: “The Odyssey”

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Homer’s “The Odyssey” is making a grand comeback from freshman year English to appear on the big stage – Powell, to be exact. But this year, things are happening a little differently. Going above and beyond to ensure quality, director Steven Broyles contacted the agent of the playwright, Mary Zimmerman, who adapted the epic to the stage herself.

“We’re cutting it down to size so we can take it to One-Act,” Broyles said. “We have to ask permission from the artist.” One-Act is the theater competition hosted by the Georgia High School Association, an event Wesleyan intends to win. The Wolf Players are always looking to impress the audience, and a shortened play length is one aspect that keeps them engaged.

When asked about how he planned to impress the audience, Broyles said, “It’s going to be something very unique. Technology now makes things look very real… this is sort of stepping back from that.” He explained the more traditional, personal methods Wesleyan is using to prepare. The bamboo poles for props, blue lights casted over chairs for a boat in the sea and skill of the actors are all meant to bring back the essence of theater.

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Wolf Players Rehearse “Godspell” Revival

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The Wesleyan Wolf Players are proud to present the classic musical Godspell premiering Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. and closing Friday, Oct. 28.

Although the Wolf Players have performed Godspell previously in 2002 and 2009, Wesleyan has never seen this upcoming rendition. Director Steven Broyles explains that the version performed in 2009 was the original Broadway version, and the adaptation they are rehearsing now is the 2012 revival version. With rewritten music that sounds more modern, the musical is able to better resonate with adolescent audiences.

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