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Spring Sports Wrap Up the 2019 Season

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As the 2018-2019 Wesleyan school year comes to an end, spring sports teams are giving their last effort to end their seasons on high notes.

The Girls’ Lacrosse team has had a season full of success with seven seniors leading the way. Freshman Gray Bradach said, “I am 100% going to miss the seniors so much. There are so many of them and they are all such great people and teammates and players. Chloe, Elise, Tabi, Katie, Quinn, Lauren, Anna, and Grace. They are genuinely some of the greatest people I have ever met.” The dynamic among the players is one that will be missed by the seniors and for the underclassmen that look up to the older players. One tradition the Lacrosse team shares is “eating uncrustables before most games,” said Bradach.

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Wesleyan Blossoms with Spring Sports and Activities

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Every spring, people are stuck between wanting to spend money on food and all the new, seasonal clothes and not spending any money, so they can save up for summer vacations, but there are many fun activities to do that are completely free and local. For example, go to the Wesleyan lake or any other local park and fish or have a picnic with the ducks and a few friends. Living so close to Atlanta, there are so many places to discover. Be a tourist in your own town and take a walk on the BeltLine, visit a museum downtown or try different ice cream shops in the city. As the days turn into night and the temperature starts to cool, start a bonfire and cozy up with a bunch of friends while roasting marshmallows. There are plenty of things to do in our hometown that require little to no money. Keep Reading

High School Spring Sports Come To A Close

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As the school year winds down and the weather warms up, the spring sports start to come to a close. The multiple spring sport teams that have worked hard all year, finally get to put their skills to the test and reminisce on the season behind them.

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Running Wolves Have High Hopes

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    The 2016 Track & Field Team. Brian Morgan
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    Head coaches Chris Yoder, Candler Baxley, Justin Kruger and Chad McDaniel. Brian Morgan

Sprinting, jumping, throwing, vaulting, the Wesleyan Track & Field team is off to a great start for the 2016 season. Head coaches Candler Baxley, Chad McDaniel and Chris Yoder are training athletes to reach both their personal and team goals. With Greater Atlanta Christian School, Lovett and Holy Innocents being their toughest opponents, Baxley said their main goal for the season is “to have fun, see all of our athletes improve, and be competitive in the region and state meats at the end of the season.”

These coaches also infiltrate a sense of community into practices and serve as constant encouragers to help students succeed and build each other up. Senior Sheridan Davenport said, “I would describe this year’s team dynamic as very exciting. Everyone is willing to try new things and uncover their talents in the tracks and the fields. It’s great to see everyone growing athletically and developing in character.”

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