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United States-Iran Standoff

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The newest conflict between Iran and the United States has roots to a long simmering distrust between the two countries. This situation is not that different than past disputes except Iran has shown an increasing effort to kill Americans and cause disruption to U.S. presence in the Middle East. In the span of one month, the U.S. Embassy was attacked which resulted in a targeted drone strike on an Iranian terrorist, but the retaliation did not stop there. Iran’s inaccurate airstrikes on U.S. stationed troops resulted in a plane accident. These chronological events have brought the world to question: what will the future relationship of the U.S. and Iran look like, and will there be another retaliation?

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Women’s March 2019: Standing Stronger Together

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A widespread event over the past couple of years with an expression of reform, unity and standing up against society in a way to protect the civil rights and sanctity of the people has been the Women’s March.

Amid controversy in the 2019 Women’s March, followers of the original group accused them of being biased or more favoring of white women; the group is believed to be ignoring real issues that others with diverse backgrounds struggle with on a daily basis. This affected the organization and the movement in a negative way causing the state of the United States and the overall sanity of the groups beliefs to be divided.

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