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Valentine’s to Galentine’s: The Best of 2019’s Love and the Worst

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As the 2019 New Year’s party decorations are taken off the shelves, red and pink petals and chocolate boxes are exchanged for shoppers who desire the sentiments of the impending commercial holiday. On Feb. 14, there are two sides of differing emotions: those who cannot wait to receive love letters and the temporary signs of love from their significant other, contrary to those who are left afflicted, soaking in their misery and heartbreak. Keep Reading

Wesleyan Teachers Valentine’s Quiz

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Learn to Love Yourself

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Valentine’s Day…for some, the year’s best holiday of the year and for others a day that is commonly dreaded. We have been conditioned to believe that this is a day set aside for significant others to spend the day together and for everyone to shower their families with boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers. We feel like we are not worthy if we don’t have a “valentine” but that is just simply not true.
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