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Wesleyan Alumni’s Advice to Graduating Seniors

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It’s that time of year again where the school days seem to become longer and longer, and summer cannot come fast enough. The sophomores are becoming juniors, the juniors are thinking about colleges and the seniors have mentally already moved into their dorm rooms. While the seniors are passing the time by infecting everyone else with senioritis, some recent Wesleyan alumni have taken a moment to pass down some words of wisdom about what they wish they would have known this time last year and what they have learned since then.

So while you are soaking up every last precious minute of your fleeting high school experience, take this valued advice to heart; these alumni wish they would have.



What is one thing you wish you would’ve known for your first day of college/first college class?

“Talk to the people next to you, even if it’s just hello. You may never speak to them again, or they may become one of your good friends! Both outcomes are okay. Both are normal.” – Emma Anderson, Class of 2016


“Where my classes were. [And] I wish I would have known to stay in the dining halls longer because that’s where you make friends.” – Mary Cowart, Class of 2016


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