Christian Life Theme for September

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Director of Christian Life, Greg Lisson, announced in the first all-school chapel of the year that the Christian Life theme of the year is “identity.” During the month of August, headmaster, Chris Cleveland and principal, Jeff Plunk gave chapel speeches about the theme for the month, “Who am I?” The Christian Life theme for the month of September is “You are made in God’s image.”

The Green and Gold staff interviewed Lisson to get his insight on this theme. He described how he likes that the theme is heavily focused on each individual saying, “The theme is important because it reminds us of the inherent value of each person. We are all image-bearers of God, so every singcrossle one of us is significant in his eyes.” Lisson went on to explain the importance of the theme as it applies to a Wesleyan student in particular. He said, “This matters to Wesleyan students because it reminds us that we have value and identity at the moment of our creation. We don’t have to achieve or accomplish in order to carry the image of God, it is simply a part of who we are. It also reminds us of the importance of valuing each person, no matter how different they might be from us, because they too carry the image of God in their very essence.” Lisson is very excited to see how the theme of “You are made in God’s image” carries out over the month in the Wesleyan community.

“You are made in God’s image” is a perfect theme for the first, full month of school because it is so important when you are finding your identity to realize that you are made in God’s image. As the rest of this year goes on, keep in mind English teacher Katie Wischerth’s chapel talk on September 4th about spending time with God and finding our identity in Him rather than material objects.

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