Farewell Faculty: Wesleyan Says Goodbye to Beloved Staff

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Amelia Davis: Director of Christian Life

Amelia Davis

What are your plans for the future? Well, when I stop crying about the reality that I won’t be back next fall, I will settle in to my role as a work from home wife and mom.  I am excited to serve wherever God has a place for me. Jeff and I have applied to be foster parents, so I pray that God will open this door for us soon.  Finally, I will continue to engage my entrepreneurial heart as a Manager at Beautycounter.  Our mission is to put safer personal care products in to the hands of everyone, as we advocate and work to make an impact on a largely unregulated skin care industry in the US.  I also hope to sub for Global Justice whenever possible and even fill in as a chaperone on mission trips as needed!

What’s one thing you’ll miss about Wesleyan? My best friends have been made at Wesleyan.  We have lived a lot of life together.  I am grateful for many memories that include countless moments of joy and celebration, but also tender times of grief and loss.  Wesleyan has been a place of healing and renewal for me….this runs deep and I am better for it.  I am grateful for every single moment. Wesleyan is family, and I will miss this place and pray that God will bring me back in some way again.
What’s one Wesleyan memory that sticks out to you? I cannot possibly pick just one moment.  This has been my dream job….it is the best job at Wesleyan, hands down! Laughing like crazy on the Freshman Retreat, the shaving cream war, the brownie dessert, sitting under the stars at Sharptop, and worshipping with the chapel band too.  Missions Chapels, meeting in homes for our team meetings and retreats, then coming back again for worship are big highlights for me.  Being able to explore the world and caring for others alongside students hold a special place in my heart.  All in all, time with students and my faculty friends has all been sacred time to me.  I am a better person because of my time at Wesleyan.

Gabi Grogan: HS Spanish and Journalism

Gabi Grogan

What are your plans for the future? Grow a vegetable garden..and a family.

What’s one thing you’ll miss about Wesleyan? Laughing with my students. You all are funny! And Mission Trips, they are the best part about this place.

What’s one Wesleyan memory that sticks out to you? When Christian Stark (Class of 2015) walked into my classroom with flowers on Feb. 13, 2015, and told me he had one more Valentine’s gift waiting for me on the Lawn. Little did I know it was my now husband, Cameron (Christian’s cousin) waiting for me with an engagement ring!

Leslie Grogan: HS Science and Golf

Leslie Grogan

What are your plans for the future? The first thing I will do is get the oil changed in my jeep, put the top down, and head to the beach! I am looking forward to hiking, golf, kayaking and just hanging out around our home in Big Canoe. We will also spend as much time as possible in Dallas with our daughter’s family which will soon include another grand baby. On my bucket list is to take the drive around the entire country including the Keys, the Grand Canyon, Vancouver to Glacier, then on to Maine! It will be an awesome road trip.

What’s one thing you’ll miss about Wesleyan? I will definitely miss the sense of community at Wesleyan. I been blessed to witness the male members of the administration, faculty, and student body shave their heads in support of a student undergoing chemotherapy. The female students grew their hair to donate to Locks of Love. I’ve also been in Chapel both times that donors led by Mr. Khedouri gave $100 to each person. I will never forget the many miracles that occurred within the school as a result. I will miss the spirit of JOY.

What’s one Wesleyan memory that sticks out to you? This is a hard question and I have already used a couple of examples in the previous question but if I had to list one, it would probably be the “ceiling tile incident”. It was many years ago when Mr. Casey was the new principal and without going into too much detail, I will just say that I made an “explosive” impression. I am proud to say, however, that I have never set off the fire alarm. Can Mrs. Cheatwood say the same? I have been blessed to be part of this school and thank God every day for the relationship with each student that he put in my life!

Macey Sims: Faculty Fellow

Macey Sims

What are your plans for the future? I am going to be working at Mt. Bethel Academy starting in August. My fiancé and I are applying to be apartment missionaries in that area.

What’s one thing you’ll miss about Wesleyan? Oh wow, what am I not going to miss about Wesleyan? I know that I am going to miss both the students and the teachers here.

Whats one Wesleyan memory that sticks out to you? The memory that sticks out in this moment is the state cross country meet. The day of and the day before were both so fantastic and it was honestly really cool to be a coach in that moment.

Claire Coward: Faculty Fellow

Claire Coward

What are your plans for the future? I am moving to Nashville, TN, where I will be teaching 9th grade English at Franklin Road Academy and pursuing my dreams of being a country music star.

What’s one thing you’ll miss about Wesleyan? I will miss my students and the faculty….I don’t want to talk about it.

What’s one Wesleyan memory that sticks out to you? One memory that sticks out is uniblading with Grace Tyler from Yancey to the Lake Fields on the Friday of Homecoming when I was dressed as a farmer. Another one is when I went uniblading alone around campus one night. I LOVE uniblading.








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