Monday at the 201: Students Engage in Young Life

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After a long Monday of schoolwork and sports practices, dozens of Wesleyan high school students come together at “the 201” to enjoy Young Life Club. From dressing up in themed costumes to dancing and singing with friends, everyone is bound to have a memorable experience at Club. Young Life is a unique way for students to build new relationships outside of school with friends, leaders and Jesus.

All high school students are welcome to attend Young Life events, such as Club and retreats. Everyone is encouraged to try it out, even if it is their first time. Senior Becca Settlage said, “This organization is a great, inviting place to start a relationship with God and other people. Young Life is an awesome experience because you never know what to expect but always have fun.”

Over Fall Break, high school students had the opportunity to go on the Young Life fall retreat at SharpTop Cove. Amidst a weekend of ziplining, swimming and playing games, students enjoyed building new relationships and hearing the truth of the Gospel. Young Life leader and Bible teacher Kali Sessions said, “I think it’s a really good way to get plugged in, to the school and to your faith. With the business of Wesleyan, it can be really hard for students to take time to invest in a relationship with the Lord, and Young Life makes it easy for them.”

The Young Life fall retreat was a perfect way for freshmen to become involved with the organization for the first time and get to know older students. Freshman Maddie Parsonnet said, “When you get there, you feel so comfortable. Even if you don’t know anyone, the leaders love to meet with you and throughout your time coming, you will create friends fast.”

The relational and community aspect of Young Life is what keeps people coming back. Senior Banks Ramsey encouraged other students to participate because “it is a place where you can build life-long relationships and learn a lot about yourself and how to follow Jesus. When I personally struggled as an underclassman, my Young Life leaders helped me through those rough times and become the man I am today.”

Young Life events and retreats continue throughout the summer, keeping students engaged all year long. This past summer, seniors had the opportunity to travel up to Frontier Ranch, a Young Life camp in Colorado. The 36-hour bus ride was tedious, but the memories were numerous for the students and teachers who attended. Sessions said, “Going to Frontier with the senior girls and witnessing their relationships with the Lord grow over the past six months since that week has been amazing. In high school and college, Young Life was very influential in forming my relationship with Jesus, and I love being involved as a leader now at Wesleyan.”

Young Life has something for everyone—whether it is a game of frisbee golf at Sharptop Cove or simply hanging out with friends. For students of all grades, this organization is the ideal place to get involved with Wesleyan and meet new people. As Ramsey said, “If you don’t want to learn about Jesus, Young Life also just teaches students how to just have a fun time and enjoy life in a healthy way.”

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