Retirees: A Real Wolf’s Send-Off

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Matt Cole

During his 20 years at Wesleyan Matt Cole has served in several positions. He has taught AP European History, eighth grade history, twelfth grade government, standard world history and public speaking. Now in his final year at Wesleyan, he is the Executive Head of School and a senior college advisor. Cole has been an integral part of the Wesleyan community and has had such an monumental impact on the students he has taught through the years. Anyone who knows Cole can attest to the fact that he has a brilliant sense of humor and always has a smile on his face. He is capable of changing the atmosphere of an entire room just by entering it and he has an uncontainable love for students. When asked what he will miss the most about Wesleyan, Mr. Cole said, “ Students by far- they are honest and smart and most of them have common sense.” He has made an indelible mark on this school and has the gratitude and respect of his fellow colleagues and students. Senior Daniel Baisier said, “Mr. Cole is genuinely one of the nicest people I know. I got to know Mr. Cole in the summer of 2016 when I had the opportunity to travel with him, Clay Tyler, and Zach Green to FSU for a research project with a professor that he had met. Not only did I enjoy the nerdiness of the experience, but I got to know him for the funny, frank, and interesting man he is. Since then, he’s helped me navigate the world of college admissions and guided me through the arduous process of writing college essays. Throughout it all, I always knew that I was talking to someone who genuinely cared about me and wasn’t afraid to give me the honest truth.”

Anne Shirley

During Anne Shirley’s 16 years at Wesleyan she has worked as a devoted teacher of the science department. Throughout her tenure she has taught honors chemistry, AP Chemistry, chemistry, biology, honors biology, AP Biology, anatomy and physiology and marine science. Now in her final year, she teaches AP Biology, anatomy and physiology, marine science and standard biology. Although she has had an extremely busy schedule for the past 16 years she always has a smile on her face and makes time to help any student that requires aid. She understands that students have a life outside of the classroom and if there is ever a conflict she works with her students to find a suitable solution. When asked what she will miss the most about Wesleyan Mrs. Shirley said, “I will miss the people and the daily interaction with students, I truly enjoy teaching.” Mrs. Shirley embodies everything that a Wesleyan faculty member should be, and we are truly sad to see her go. Wesleyan will always be your home Mrs. Shirley, don’t forget us because we will never forget you.


Annette Smith

Annette Smith has been a part of the Wesleyan, community for 17 years.During this time she has taught every high school math class, and currently serves as the Math Department Chair. She is an incredible teacher that is determined to help her students learn as efficiently as possible. She values the community that Wesleyan offers and believes this place is just one big family. When asked what she will miss the most about Wesleyan, she said, “The Christian emphasis; we are asked to live what we believe in every way. I have been challenged to continue to grow in my faith all along the way.” Mrs. Smith will be continuing her teaching career in Tennessee, but we are truly sad to see her leave our Wesleyan family. Thank you Mrs. Smith for your many years of teaching students about the miracles of math. A speaker who prefer to remain anonymous said, I believe Mrs. Smith is one of the many unsung heroes of Wesleyan. Not only is she a fabulous math teacher, but she cares so much about each individual who walks into her classroom. Whether in the audience at every show or in the stands of every sporting event, I’m convinced she is the #1 Wolves fan on campus and spends so much time looking after her students both inside and outside of the classroom. She is overwhelmingly kind, absolutely brilliant, and one of the most humble people I’ve encountered.


Jo-Ann McCauley

Jo Ann McCauley has been a taeacher at Wesleyan for 22 years. Throughout these many years she has taught almost every high school french course offered at Wesleyan, and currently serves as the high school department chair for modern and classical languages, assistant director of studies and mentor group (advisor) coordinator. One will typically see Mrs. McCauley briskly walking through the halls, always with a specific purpose or task she is determined to complete. She is a resolute, goal oriented individual, always willing to provide her students with the help they need. When asked what she will miss the most McCauley said,”What I will miss most about Wesleyan are the students I have taught over the years, the families I have come to know, the incredible faculty and administration with whom I have shared a love for learning and for Christ on a daily basis. They have all helped me to grow and become a better person.”Senior Kelsey Rappe said, “ What I will miss most about Madame is her ability to make the classroom a lively environment with her crazy accent, wonderful sarcasm, and wisdom of both the francophone and real world. She consistently tries to help us learn more about the world and ourselves by drawing us into discussions, expanding our horizons, and being sure to pour into us as individuals. All in all, Wesleyan has been forever changed by Madame’s presence, and I can’t imagine anyone filling her shoes.”

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