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    Senior Caroline Hodges got a chance to spend time with Mrs. Morris on the Freshmen Retreat. Grant Sauer
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    Senior Maddie Jones has gotten to know Mrs. Morris in her english classes. Bailey Borreson
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    Seniors Yasmine Brooks and Bailey Borreson have appreciated Mrs. Morris' work as the senior class grade chair. Maddie Jones

Morris Plays Vital Role in Class of 2016

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If you have been around Wesleyan for more than a week, it is not hard to identify Kendra Morris as an overwhelming favorite among students. Mrs. Morris, the senior class grade chair, has developed a unique relationship with the class of 2016 over the last few years unlike any other teacher. While every teacher has impacted the senior class in their own right, Mrs. Morris has taken on an exceptionally special role to these students.

Evidence of Mrs. Morris’s popularity can be found in the senior spotlight section of the Green and Gold where eight seniors this year have listed her when asked which faculty member at Wesleyan they would want to be the most. Clearly Mrs. Morris embodies admirable qualities and is looked up to by many.

Though many of the students in the class of 2016 have gotten to know her over the course of their high school career, Mrs. Morris formed especially strong bonds with a number of seniors at the Freshmen Retreat. “All the seniors were very authentic. I saw their desire to serve and work and to be real with each other,” said Morris. The freshmen retreat was a great start to the school year.

In her role as grade chair, Mrs. Morris ensures that seniors are on top of all of their tasks, and she helps them make the most of their senior year. She has gained the utmost respect of her students by working hard and genuinely caring for them. Students also admire her sense of humor and wit. Senior Jenny VanLeake said, “Mrs. Morris is awesome and she has a plethora of interesting stories about every topic.”

In regards to what she will miss most about the class of 2016, Mrs. Morris said, “I will miss the depth and breadth of people with whom I can have adult conversations. I also admire the distinct loyalty and acceptance that they exude towards each other. They celebrate people who might not ordinarily be celebrated.”

Ultimately, Mrs. Morris serves as an extraordinary role model for all of her students. She exemplifies the qualities that distinguish an average teacher from one who makes a lasting impact. As Wesleyan continues to develop, faculty members like Mrs. Morris are the driving force behind a growing community.

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