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    Senior Spirit Captain Eric Panther is tossed up in the air by his fellow classmates for every point that the Wesleyan Wolves score on the football field. BRIAN L. MORGAN
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Wesleyan Makes Transition to Class A

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Wesleyan has been locked in AA for a number of years, and it has made quite a name for itself there. Many teams, including tennis, baseball and girls basketball, have won state championships in AA.

However, all of this is about to change. Wesleyan has fewer than 520 students, the threshold required for class AA, so they are now a part of class A. Wesleyan is a part of the largest region in A, and therefore they will be facing a lot of new competition. Although there is some skepticism from the community, this will bring a lot of change to the sports programs creating an overall positive impact at Wesleyan.

Although some people are worried about the transition to a new classification, Marc Khedouri, the athletic director, is confident about this year.

“We will form new rivalries and see different schools and travel to different places. Change is good. I was really encouraged by our school spirit at the last home football scrimmage. That level of excitement portends great things ahead,” Khedouri said.

Wesleyan has made transitions from AA to A and vice versa in the past and have been just as successful. Senior Jason McCleskey said, “I am excited about the move to class A because we can have fun, and we don’t have to worry about facing schools that are a lot bigger than us.”

This transition will be beneficial to Wesleyan.  Wesleyan will want to make a name for itself as a legitimate competitor in class A, and the best way to do this is to win state championships.


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