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Four years ago, Student Led Worship (SLW) entered its first year as an independent student run ministry with only 20 students. Held on Wednesday mornings in the McKeever Room, this year’s first SLW had around 150 students, showing significant growth.

This year, the team does not want to focus on statistics and numbers, but rather “focus on the lives that can be changed through SLW,” said Katie Newman, senior and SLW director.

Authentic, Life-Giving, Fulfilling are a few adjectives that would describe SLW, but this year, changes are taking place.

The SLW team for 2016 has been hard at work, attempting to create a unique and approachable atmosphere. Changes are taking shape in SLW since Newman has stepped into the leadership role. Newman has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to organize SLW every Wednesday morning by staying in contact with the team weekly and making sure that worship is the core purpose of every session.

“It’s more discipleship focused and more personal. We want it to go deep this year. ‘Deep’ meaning we want students to discover the benefits of a personal relationship with Jesus,” said Newman. As SLW director, Newman’s job is to oversee all communication and planning, lead the leadership team and assure spiritual consistency and authenticity in the SLW community.

“We have a new mission statement. It’s about creating a new kind of environment that encourages leadership, community and deeper relationships with Jesus,” said junior-coordinator Emily Willis. The SLW Mission Statement is “to attract students, ignite believers and grow leaders.”

Although the changes have yet to go into effect, they are soon going to make an appearance. “[We want] more interaction between the students during SLW – group prayers and discussions, so people within the SLW community can pray for and disciple each other throughout high school. We want upperclassmen getting to know underclassmen, and vice versa!” said Newman.

The Leadership team has decided that devotions will be a focused on less than it has been in the past. “It will be more worship and prayer focused—more community focused,” said Willis.


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