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Advice Column: How to Handle Stress

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Dear Anonymous,

I know what being stressed feels like and it is not fun! I always feel like I have a million different things going on too and it drives me crazy. It is definitely hard to balance everything, especially when it comes to family, friends, and school! Although it might be difficult, there are many practical ways to alleviate stress in your life. First, try to keep a gratitude journal so you can write about things that inspire you and make you happy. Focusing on the things you are grateful for helps you see the positive things in your life.

Personally, being organized with my room, planner, closet and other things that typically get cluttered or messy helps keep my life organized. Often I rush to get ready because I sleep in too late in the morning, and mornings are so important because it can either cause my day hectic or not. To prevent that from happening, try going to bed earlier to get more sleep! Also, set a time, like 10 p.m., to drop everything, turn off the lights and go to sleep. Engraving this habit in your mind is so important because getting the proper eight hours of sleep will help your brain function smoothly during the school day. Another technique that may help to boost your day is carving out time in the morning to get ready and follow your daily routine. Obviously, this process is different for boys and girls, but making yourself presentable and feeling confident with how you look gives you that extra boost of confidence to start the day off great.

Adding to self-confidence in the morning, focus on the Lord with prayer or a devotion. Stress buildup is negative, but prayer and worship can help alleviate some of the negativity that stress causes. While stressed, your physical body tends to tense up, causing you to feel uncomfortable; running or exercising will release endorphins, a group of chemicals in your brain. Don’t like running? Take a walk or just enjoy being outside with the fresh air. After the run, workout or fresh air, your body will be able to relax and feel less tense.  Finally, take a bath! Just relax. Stress is no fun, especially during the school year, where we are pressured to always give our best performance. Thankfully, there are many solutions to this problem that will help you live a healthier and happier life.

Good Luck!



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