Wesleyan Blossoms with Spring Sports and Activities

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Every spring, people are stuck between wanting to spend money on food and all the new, seasonal clothes and not spending any money, so they can save up for summer vacations, but there are many fun activities to do that are completely free and local. For example, go to the Wesleyan lake or any other local park and fish or have a picnic with the ducks and a few friends. Living so close to Atlanta, there are so many places to discover. Be a tourist in your own town and take a walk on the BeltLine, visit a museum downtown or try different ice cream shops in the city. As the days turn into night and the temperature starts to cool, start a bonfire and cozy up with a bunch of friends while roasting marshmallows. There are plenty of things to do in our hometown that require little to no money.

While school is still in session, it is hard to fit in fun adventures, so try and save some trips for the summer. The spring season offers many different after school activities like lacrosse, tennis, soccer, track and field, baseball, golf and plays (both middle school and high school performances). While the theater productions are limited and time selected, sporting events happen weekly.

Junior Tabitha Conrad’s “favorite part of lacrosse is the team aspect—how everyone works together to get a common goal done.” She said, “I am looking forward to this season and the team really putting our whole effort out there to make this season an unforgettable one for Coach Dudley.”

This season, the boys’ and girls’ tennis teams have played games almost daily. Senior Elizabeth Bruehl said, “the best part about tennis is the matches because we have awesome food and it’s fun to hang out with the whole team. I’m looking forward to hopefully going to state or far into the playoffs again and just hanging out with everyone.”

This year’s soccer teams, middle school to high school, play in many games through the spring season. The high school varsity boys’ soccer team has been challenged as they have been playing many AAAAAA high school teams from around Georgia. Senior Abraham Lopez said, “A great soccer player is defined by both his great performance inside and outside the soccer field.”

Track and Field can often be confusing due to the numerous events, but like a swim meet, many events happen simultaneously. Coach Candler Baxley and Coach Chad McDaniel give out “space bucks” (imaginary money) to those who win the trivia games before practice. Senior Sam Dudley said, “I really enjoy Track and Field because of the atmosphere. We compete when there is competition and when there is not, we always have a good time. The coaches are fun to be around but also know when to get serious, which I really like.”

This year, the baseball team has already won most of their games, and sophomore Holden Wilder said, “the best part about this season is the chemistry of the team.”  Many of the players are looking forward to the rest of the baseball season because they can “hopefully win the state championship, and right after, we are planning on going to play whirley ball,” said senior Stewart Stamper.

Golf is often overlooked, but junior Stone Ramsey said, “Saturdays aren’t for the boys. They are for the golf boys. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season because our team is the youngest team out there, but we showed out at our first tournament. For being the youngest team and the smallest school in the tournament and we placed fifth out of 18 teams (not to mention last year in the same tournament Wesleyan came in dead last. I was pretty proud for our youth guys and can’t wait to shock the state when we win area and hopefully place top three in state.” Golf is having a stellar season with a team of girls and boys. Freshman Jada Richardson said her “favorite part about golf is getting to hang out my teammates and play different courses.” She said, “I really looking forward to bonding with the team and trying to win some matches.”

You Can’t Take It with You was performed in Lenke Theater (the black box) April 4-7. The show follows a girl named Alice Sycamore who falls in love with the banker’s son Tony Kirby. When she invites her soon to be in-laws to dinner, Alice’s extended family might be too peculiar for the serious Kirbys. The cast has been working since February to put on a great show.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory will be performed in Power Theater May 2-5. The show follows a boy named Charlie who gets a “golden ticket” to the strangest chocolate factory in the world. This classic connects with generations, and the middle schoolers are looking forward to performing this show.

As flowers bloom and the winter chill changes to a warm spring, the Wesleyan community is a perfect place to get plugged into fun after school activities because there are so many sports and shows to watch.

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