Spring Sports Wrap Up the 2019 Season

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As the 2018-2019 Wesleyan school year comes to an end, spring sports teams are giving their last effort to end their seasons on high notes.

The Girls’ Lacrosse team has had a season full of success with seven seniors leading the way. Freshman Gray Bradach said, “I am 100% going to miss the seniors so much. There are so many of them and they are all such great people and teammates and players. Chloe, Elise, Tabi, Katie, Quinn, Lauren, Anna, and Grace. They are genuinely some of the greatest people I have ever met.” The dynamic among the players is one that will be missed by the seniors and for the underclassmen that look up to the older players. One tradition the Lacrosse team shares is “eating uncrustables before most games,” said Bradach.


The track team consists of a boys’ and a girls’ team who compete in a wide range of events. The team had many seniors who have been very successful over the years. Senior Mary Ann Manley said, “I’m definitely going to miss the coaches. Baxley and McDaniel are some of the weirdest, funniest, and most encouraging coaches I’ve ever had. They make track entertaining, but they also know how to lead the team. Coach Yoder, the distance coach, is just the best man I’ve ever met, and I’ll miss his guidance and advice the most.”

The boys’ golf team has had a successful run full of promising memories. The team consists of one graduating senior, three juniors and five sophomores. The team’s form of bonding is through text and snapchat games, mainly crazy 8 on GamePigeon, bonding on bus rides and meals at Zaxby’s after rounds. As for the only graduate on the team, senior Ryan Gomes said, “I’m going to miss a lot, the free golf at a bunch of different courses is a big plus. But mostly I will miss the guys, the comradery. It’s not going to be the same without them.”

The girls’ golf team consists of two seniors, two juniors, one sophomore and one freshman. The team’s form of bonding is doing fun activities during practice like running drills and mini tournaments. Whoever wins get the prize of Chick-Fil-A. Senior McKenzie Keeler said, “I’m really going to miss hanging out with girls that I have grown so close with over the years and going through state playoffs. It had been such a big part of my high school experience and its going to be weird not playing anymore.”

The baseball team has made a very successful and eventful run this year. For team bonding the baseball team goes to Willy’s, they play “two ball”, which is a game before games and they play Mario baseball. The team is graduating a total of six seniors and has seven juniors, four sophomores and two freshmen. Senior Griffin Massey said, “I am going to miss the coaches and the memories that I have made with my teammates.” Although part of the team has not yet finished their career, the seniors are moving on from baseball and on to college. Senior Will Bryson said, “I will mainly miss eating at Willy’s with all of my boys.”

The tennis team consists of a boys’ and girls’ team who both have made a run for their money this season. The one thing that mostly brings them together is their team nicknames that every teammate is assigned. The girls team consists of three seniors, one junior, five sophomore and four freshmen. Senior David Anderson said, “My favorite thing about tennis is watching the team grow throughout the season and making it as far as we ever have since my freshman year.”

The girls’ soccer team has played a competitive and well deserving season. The team is made up of six seniors, six juniors, five sophomores and nine freshmen. Senior Kris Laurite said, “For team bonding we have a stuffed sloth named Lisa and she is our good luck charm and our child, and we dance with her before every game. We also listen to Bhad Bhabie before every game. Also, we talk about Bebe Rexha’s husband (Bebe Zac).” The seniors will leave many teammates behind as they go on to the next chapter of their life. Freshman Grace Elsevier said, “I am going to miss the seniors and how close we all got as a team.”

The boys’ soccer team has also competed and worked hard this season. The team is made up of six seniors, five juniors, four sophomores and three freshmen. For team bonding the entire team goes over to Coach Coxhead’s house every Friday night game to eat food and play games. Sophomore Fletcher Morris said, “I’m going to miss regularly playing soccer every day. It is a lot of fun being out with the team.”

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