High School Spring Sports Come To A Close

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As the school year winds down and the weather warms up, the spring sports start to come to a close. The multiple spring sport teams that have worked hard all year, finally get to put their skills to the test and reminisce on the season behind them.

The girls’ soccer team is one of many teams that have a strong season thus far. The team is 16-3-1 and they have made it far in the playoffs. They have beat Holy Innocents, Stratford, Galloway and Mount Pisgah to advance to the state championship against First Presbyterian. Not only this, but two girls on the soccer team have broken records this season. Senior TJ Anderson broke the record on the most career goals. Anderson said, “I’m inspired to break this record because I want to remember my high school career in a way that impacted my team. What is pushing me is being on the record board and what an honor it would be along with the potential legacy I could set for others to reach.” Also, freshman Lucy Mitchell broke the record for the most goals in one season. Mitchell said, “My teammates inspire me to push to break the record by helping and encouraging me throughout the season.” The girls soccer team ended their season on a high note by clenching the State Championship victory in Macon on May 12.

The boys’ soccer team has also had a winning season, going 16-3-3. The team made it to the final four, when they lost a close game in penalty kicks against Walker. Junior Abraham Lopez said, “My goal for the rest of the soccer season is to work hard both in practices and games to enjoy once again the feeling of winning a region and state championship.”

The girls’ and boys’ lacrosse teams have both also had winning seasons. The girls have gone 9-4 so far and the boys are 8-6. Senior Gabby Hernandez said, “The highlight of my season has been getting to know the underclassmen more and just having a ton of fun with the girls on the team.” The girls team beat St. Pius and Union Grove to advance to the Final 4. This is the first time since 2004 that Wesleyan had made it this far. In their Final Four game against Kell, they had an unfortunate loss.

The boys team has also been doing well this season and senior Sid Brendel said, “In the beginning of the season, we struggled to find our “swagger” as coach Anderson said, but now we are starting to play well together. We had some rough games early on against BT and Lovett, but now we are beating good teams. The goal for the rest of our season is to go far in playoffs.” In the beginning of the playoffs, the boys won the Gannon Cup, but lost in the first round of playoffs against McIntosh.

The girls’ and boys’ golf teams have had a successful spring season. Sophomore McKenzie Keeler said, “We have done really well, we have only lost one match. This season has been really awesome and successful so far.” The girls team also just came back from a win at Region. Sophomore Ryan Gomes said, “My goal for the rest of the season is to hit a hole in one. The team’s goal is to win region or state.”

The girls’ tennis team has gone 18-2 and were recently crowned Region Champions. Before the state championship, senior Sam Laurite said, “This year we really want to win state and have three peat.” The girls ended their season as state runner-up. The boys tennis team is currently 6-12. Sophomore David Anderson said, “The great thing about this season is that our team made the state tournament which we were not able to do last year.”

The track team has had a successful season with lots of runners breaking personal records and the team placing in meets. Junior Peter Hess said, “The highlight of my season so far has probably been breaking 5:00 minutes in the 1 mile. It was only by 2 seconds, but it has been a goal of mine for years.”

This spring held many victorious games for Wesleyan, but as the playoffs approach, many more victories are expected for the Wolves.

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