The Snow Storm Letdown

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Jan. 6 was one of those rare days that students in Georgia always hope for. Students sit right next to their phones and computers and wait for the call or email that cancels school. Students even stay up late hoping that their school will call them and let them know that school has been cancelled for the next day. On Friday Jan. 6, most students in Georgia got what they hoped for.

The week leading up to Friday, students were constantly checking the weather to see the forecast and hoping it would state a high chance for snow. Then, the night before the potential snow, people were losing their minds over the thought of being snowed in. The lines at grocery stores were longer than ever and lots of food was sold out. People were acting like they were going to be stuck in their homes for weeks.

Everyone hurried home after school or to a friend’s house, in the hopes that they would get snowed in there.

Mr. Archer said, “Whitney had nine friends spend the night Friday night which was a blast!  They watched movies and played games. We had enough food to feed all of us for days, thinking we would be snowed in, but it never happened. I woke up early on Saturday morning expecting several inches and instead only saw a little bit of ice.”

Also, on Thursday night after school is when calls of school cancellation start happening. Students around Georgia are excited about not having school and hope that you also get a cancellation call soon. Lots of schools get let out early because people in the south seem to freak out even at the chance of snow flurries.

By Friday, almost all schools in the Atlanta area were either cancelled or had a half day.

Sophomore Caroline Burke, “I was really excited to hear about school being let out early, but then I got a text saying we had basketball practice. It was kind of a bummer, but we have to prepare for upcoming games.”

There was so much anticipation for all the snow and people were excited because it is very rare that Georgia sees any snow. But anyone hoping for lots of snow was definitely underwhelmed.

Waking up on Saturday morning, there was an expectation of a white winter wonderland when walking outside, but those expectations were not met. Most people woke up to a layer of hard ice, but no snow to play in. By afternoon, the little snow in the grass and on the cars had already melted away.

There was so little snow that there was barely any difficulty driving on roads and no one got snowed in, despite their excellent preparation for this possibility.

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