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When thinking about Advanced Placement courses, AP is often perceived as one of the “easier” AP classes in the eyes of some students. AP Art, however, is one of the most challenging AP’s Wesleyan has to offer with one of the heaviest workloads.

For these artists, their work starts in the summer with the completion of their summer visual journal. Over the summer, the AP Art students each had to complete a summer visual journal full of their work. Artists had to complete 10 pieces of art and photographers had to complete 100 pieces. Many students had to come to school to work on their pieces using the resources at Wesleyan. These pieces are used to make a base and see the artists’ basic skills, and some of their pieces can be used for final projects. “I loved working on my visual journal over the summer. I planned my pieces for the year and got to do some experimenting. I am really happy with how my pages turned out,” said Senior Ashton Cameron.

AP art is an incredible opportunity for student artists to express themselves. Students get the chance to create the kind of art that they want to create with few boundaries. “It is a chance to use their brains in a different way than they do in their other classes. God gives us special gifts and talents, and AP art gives students a way to fulfill their gifts,” said AP art teacher, Meagan Brooker.

One of the biggest challenges with AP art is the number of pieces that need to be created in the short amount of time. “Wesleyan has less class days, due to the rotating schedule, so the time crunch makes it even harder for our students to get their pieces done,” said Brooker. The AP Art students must turn in 24 pieces for their final exam portfolio. These students might be short on time, but they still must complete and perfect each one of their pieces.

“I took AP art because I am thinking about majoring in some type of art and making a career out of it someday. AP art is preparing me for my future and art is something I really enjoy,” junior Maddie Lloyd.

AP Art does an amazing job of preparing students who are looking to pursue a career in art. Through AP Art, they get to be surrounded by other kinds of artists, learn to meet deadlines and master new techniques. “Photography is my passion and I want to do that as a career, so I thought this was a great way to skip an introductory level art in college and really just focus on my passion,” said junior Hannah Hufham. Even for students not looking to make a career out of it, AP Art is a great outlet to just take a break from core classes, find out more about themselves and express their creativity.

“You know when you’re in class doodling you get in trouble for not paying attention? Well, that’s what AP art is. You have a full class to doodle and edit freely without getting in trouble. It’s a class where you’re free to let loose your artistic ideas and do what you please artistically,” said senior Dru James Douglas.

The artwork of these talented students’ will be on display in the Fine Arts building for the rest of the school year, so make sure to stop by and check out their work.

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