Super Bowl Llll: Patriots Triumph Over Rams in Mercedes-Benz

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On Feb. 3, the New England Patriots faced off against the Los Angeles Rams in a very leisurely moving and low scoring Super Bowl located in Atlanta. Many fans were irritated due to the game’s mundane nature—not to mention the thousands of dollars spent per person—although, towards the end, the energy heightened after Patriots running back Sony Michel scored the first touchdown in the fourth quarter to ultimately close the deal and hand the Patriots their sixth Super Bowl win.

This event was not limited to Patriots or Rams fans. Supporters from all over the nation gathered in the city of Atlanta, including devotees who belonged to various NFL teams and a sufficient amount of celebrities ranging from Danny DeVito to Atlanta native, Ludacris. With every substantial event that invites thousands of people to a singular venue, it benefits the hosting city. Atlanta will acquire benefits from the location of the Mercedes-Benz stadium and transportation such as MARTA and Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. Additionally, other benefits are the lodging and food expenses. The financial investments and loss coming from fans and viewers translates to a major gain for Atlanta.

Head Wesleyan Football Coach Franklin Pridgen attended the Super Bowl. Pridgen said, “It was the biggest, most exciting event I have ever attended. People [were] everywhere. [There was] massive tailgating outside the stadium—music, food and just wonderful energy all over the place. We had a huge crew of Wesleyan alumni and David Andrews supporters all together to get pumped about the game.  It was incredible.”

Along with the actual football game—like many other sporting events—tailgating and competition leading up, makes the experience more enjoyable. The build up is necessary for getting the fan bases to have feelings of friendship among their fellow fanatics and of course to invoke expressions of pride and love for their team.

Another popular event associated with the Super Bowl festivities, that many fans who attend the game and those watching at home typically look forward to, is the Pepsi sponsored halftime show.

Senior John Smith said, “In all honesty, I could have done without the halftime show.  Maroon 5’s performance was the textbook definition of boring; they teased America with “Sweet Victory” from Sponge Bob and it did not come to fruition, and there were no effects other than some lights.  If you are willing to dedicate months of your life to construct a performance to please over 100 million people watching around the world, this was an absolute disgrace.”

Since he attended the game, Smith was able to vividly see aspects of the performance that those at home were not able to see. The performance included American pop group Maroon 5, and rappers, Travis Scott and Big Boi.

Many attendees were not heavily supporting either team, just taking in the glory of the Super Bowl experience was enough for them. Senior Harrison Larner said, “I was really just rooting for a good game, but I appreciate the Patriots’ greatness.”

Pridgen said, “It was such an unforgettable experience.  One of the greatest thrills of my life.  The game and event were amazing, but having one of our own play such an integral part of the game, to be right in the middle of it, that was what meant the most for me.”

Regardless of who the champion was, the Super Bowl impacted Atlanta and the surrounding establishments. With the help of fans and workers including government officials like TSA at the airport, crew members inside the stadium and high-level security protecting the streets of Atlanta, the Super Bowl was a success. The final score of the game was New England Patriots 13 and Los Angeles Rams 3.


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