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Dear Wesleyan Community,

It was July 10, 2014, when Conor McGregor (my favorite UFC fighter) stood in the middle of the Octagon in front of 20,000 roaring fans in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland, at the O3 arena. He had just knocked out Diego Brandao, and the atmosphere and crowd were electric. Not a single fan was sitting in their seat. It was pure pandemonium. After his hand was raised, acknowledging his victory, he began to do his post-fight interview, breaking down and analyzing what had just taken place during the bout. For the most part, McGregor was going through the motions giving his standard answers and quick-witted, brash, outlandish remarks the only way he knows how to. Until he grabbed the microphone and said these legendary words: “We are not here just to take part. We are here to take over.”

Time stopped, and it was at that moment everyone watching knew that something special was taking place. You could feel the greatness radiating from the TV screen. It was clear that we were witnessing a revolution beginning to take shape, led by one man on a mission. Everyone knew that this was McGregor’s TAKEOVER moment, and that when he was finished the sport of Mixed Martial Arts would be changed forever. In fact, those words changed me forever. It’s been five years since he uttered those words and, in that time, nothing has garnered as much passion, emotion, motivation, anticipation, and expectation within me as that night.

I searched and searched for my next purposeful “high,” for lack of a better term. I have never felt like I was witnessing the birth and explosion of a cultural movement, a revolution, until Aug. 15, 2019, when I walked through the doors of Wesleyan. Something felt different, and I know I am not the only one who feels it. There is an undeniable energy flowing throughout the school right now. It is palpable and tangible, and the greatness that will be birthed from is inevitable.

This our TAKEOVER moment.

This is our time to change Wesleyan forever. The table is set, and all the pieces are in place. The struggles and experiences of our past, combined with the persistence of the people in our present, have culminated to this point creating a bright path to our future. We are on the edge of glory and victory. The piercing question is what you will contribute to this year that is making school history? Will you initiate or just spectate? Will you just believe or fight to achieve? Will your contributions to this year be displayed in the annals of antiquity or will your time here be nothing more than a flash in the pan and a mystery? Will you simply take part? Or will you take over? The choice is yours. Just as McGregor stood in that Octagon and emphatically stated those words because he knew they would set the world on fire, I am emphatically writing this article. I know that reading these words will set hearts on fire, passions will be pursued, and the ultimate goal of creating the best community possible will be achieved. We were made for this moment. In the great words of the immortal Drake, “What a time to be alive!”. This is my first request as president. All I ask is that you give this school year 110% and nothing less. Make every day, hour, minute you have left here count. Go big or go home. Set YOUR world on fire. Take over. Until we meet again…

Be Blessed.

Don’t Stress.

Let God take care of the rest.


Your Student Body President

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