Saving Lives; One Donation at a Time

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The donation of blood can save many lives, and the demand for blood is always high. For the past few years, Wesleyan has hosted a blood drive through the American Red Cross. This year, the blood drive was hosted on Jan. 31 in honor of fifth grader Lex Stolle. Hosting a blood drive is very beneficial because the demand for blood is so high.  Every two seconds, someone in the United States is in need. This year, 111 people from the Wesleyan community were able to give blood. According to American Red Cross, each donor’s blood can save up to three people’s lives, which means around 327 lives were potentially saved. While many faculty, staff and parents donated blood, many students gave blood as well.

During the blood drive, many donors appeared excited, yet a little nervous before giving blood. When asking why junior Ashley Binney felt compelled to give blood she said, “I thought it would be a cool experience, since I have never participated in a blood drive before, along with helping people in need.” While senior Mark Tucker gave blood because he said, “I decided to give blood to help others in need.” The blood drive was hosted on campus, which made it convenient for the Wesleyan community to donate. Since it was also during the school day, many faculty, staff, parents and students were able to set up an appointment during a free time during their day. It is very beneficial to set up the blood drive at schools and Binney said, “It was very convenient, and I would not have really thought about donating blood if they didn’t host a blood drive here.” Tucker said, “I think if they weren’t at schools’ students would not be inclined to give as badly.” It was more convenient and comfortable for the donors to be able to give there.

After giving blood, it is necessary to rest and replenish nutrients by eating. Many snacks were provided for each donor after giving blood. Science Teacher Scott Schroer said “I loved the post blood drive food. They had free Papa John’s pizza and were just giving away whole garlic sauce packs! Just giving them away!” Tucker said “Yes, the food was so good, and they had a lot of yummy snacks to munch on.” The donors appeared to have enjoyed the food, which was a nice treat after giving blood.

The American Red Cross is always looking for people to donate because it is essential that the people who are physically able and eligible to give blood should strongly consider donating blood. According to the American Red Cross, 38% of people are eligible to donate and only 2% give. Donating blood only takes around 10 to 15 minutes, and each donation is beneficial for people in need and for their health. Each year, the blood drive at Wesleyan is a success, and this year is no exception with 51 new donors. Although the blood drive hosted at Wesleyan is only once a year, there are many blood banks in need of blood every day and would appreciate more donations. The small inconvenience of giving blood has a greater gain from the lives that will be changed by one donation.

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