Unmasking the Winter Dance

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On Feb. 1, the Wesleyan high school students got to take a break from the stress of everyday life and school and enjoy a wonderful night at the Winter Dance. Students put on their best attire for the masquerade-themed Winter Dance and headed over to Hoover Gymnasium for a memorable night. The Winter Dance is always highly anticipated by the Wesleyan students. The boys took a break from the nerves of asking the girls to each high school dance, and the girls took their big chance to ask the boys. Student government spent copious amount of time planning and preparing the Winter Dance so it would be the best Winter Dance yet. After months of planning the dance, it had finally arrived, and students were eager for the masquerade ball. With the famed DJ Fat Snacks providing some awesome tunes on the dance floor, the lively photo booth, the delicious refreshments, and the mysterious table of masks, the students and faculty raved about the success of the dance.

The Wesleyan faculty loved to see their students have a terrific time, and there is no better opportunity for this than at the Winter Dance. Some of the faculty got the chance to chaperone the Winter Dance, and this year the faculty had great things to say about the turn out of the event. When asked if he thought that the Winter Dance went well this year, Modern and Classical Language Teacher, Guillermo Vallejo, said, “Yes it went incredibly well. Usually I see students leave the dance early, but this year I saw a lot of people having fun, dancing, and enjoying the event until the end of the event.” Faculty loved to converse and see their students thriving in an environment outside of school. Vallejo said, “It is always a great opportunity to see students in a different scenario. Being able to interact with my students outside of the classroom and creating a relationship that goes beyond a student-teacher relation is a special thing that these dances can provide.”

High School Dean of Student Life and Social Science Teacher Mary Stephenson also loves to see the Wesleyan students at the dance. It’s a great way for students to come together and get involved in creating a fun night for the high school student body. Stephenson said, “The Winter Dance is made possible by the student government. They get my feedback, but the dance is completely student driven. Student government organizes the decorations, the music, the photo booth, the refreshments and the set up.” While Wesleyan faculty loved the Winter Dance, the Wesleyan high school students also raved about their time at the event this year.

The Wesleyan high school students always look forward to the Winter Dance. Freshman Aubrey Alecxih had her first Wesleyan Winter Dance this year. Alecxih said, “I loved going to the Winter dance because I got to hangout with my friends and my date the whole night. I was either dancing or taking pictures at the photo booth.” The photo booth was a hit with the students; the line was constantly filled with students awaiting their turn to take memorable pictures with their friends. The Winter Dance adds a twist to a regular high school dance because instead of the boys asking the girls, the girls get to ask the boys. Alecxih said, “I like that the girls have to ask the boys because the girls have to rally up the courage to ask the boys which they are not used to doing.”

The Winter Dance was a fantastic way to get students to join together and have a great time outside of school because students got to express themselves through their outfits and dance moves and not just through academics. Junior Harrison Gracey said, “The Winter Dance was definitely a beneficial way of bringing the students together. It was a perfect to get to know fellow students that you may not talk to on an every day basis. It is cool to be able to make fun memories with my classmates at an event like the Winter Dance.” This year’s dance was one the most memorable Winter Dance’s so far according to Gracey and his peers. Gracey is going to be a senior next year, and he said, “This year’s Winter Dance has set the bar high for next year’s dance, but I am certain that the student government will perform once again with providing a spectacular dance for everyone next year.”

As the seniors begin to come closer to graduating, they are experiencing many “lasts” in high school. As their final Winter Dance as high schoolers has come and gone, they are looking back and reflecting from the dance this year. Senior Analia Thota said, “It was weird being the oldest students at the dance and setting the scene. I remember like it was just yesterday that we were scared little freshmen just starting out high school.” The dance was a night that the seniors will all remember. Thota said, “The Winter Dance was a great memory for all of the seniors. The DJ played the song Baby Shark by Pinkfong, and it made us all laugh. The night of the Winter Dance we really all just came together and had a great time.” No matter what grade or stature a student was at the Winter Dance, everyone thoroughly enjoyed their carefree, fun night at the Masquerade Winter Dance.

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