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    The D.C. United members ecstatic after their 11-1 win.

D.C. United is Back

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D.C. United is taking over the recreational soccer league. They are kicking off the season right with their 11-1 win in their very first game.

The members of D.C. United are seniors Abraaz Khan, Caroline Hodges, Anna Mosley, Austin Pack, Bennett Stamper, Christopher Walton, Clay Tyler, Haydon Koch, JT Eigel, Leo Mateu, Martin He, Megan Williams, William Schneider and team captain, Grant Sauer; juniors Alex Turner, Eric Panther and Nick Eversbusch. The team is coached by Land Bridgers, Greg Lisson and Ellie Hall, and cared for by their team mom, senior Marti Duke.

The Green and Gold staff interviewed D.C. United team captain, Grant Sauer, and he had some really fascinating things to say about the team and about the rest of the season. Sauer explained that the team originated last fall and had a winning season, and that he is excited to participate in a tournament at the end of the season this year. Sauer described that his favorite thing about being on D.C. United is “the comradery and synergy that our squad portrays during the beat downs that the league calls ‘games.’”

This year, girls are allowed to be on the team, when in the past, they were not. Sauer told the Green and Gold staff that he was skeptical about having girls on the team at first, but his mind was quickly changed when he saw them fearlessly defeat their male opponents in their first game of the season.

Caroline Hodges, Anna Mosley and Megan Williams are the first females to be members of D.C. United, and they could not be happier to participate. Anna Mosley said, “The team is really fun, and playing against boys is great competition for me. It also helps me stay in shape and practice for the upcoming Wesleyan soccer season.”

Sauer said that he excited and ready for the rest of the season. When asked about what he sees in the team’s future, he said, “I see kids bowing down to us as we hold the trophy high above our heads. I see Abraaz on our shoulders yelling, ‘I am a beautiful animal. I am a destroyer of worlds. I am Abraaz freaking Khan!’”

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