The Fourth Grade Easter Play: A Wesleyan Tradition

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Easter is a right around the corner and that means students, teachers, parents and more will gather to see the Easter story come to life. Every year, fourth grade students in the lower school put on a play that tells the story of Easter from Jesus’ crucifixion to his resurrection. After weeks of rehearsals, students perform this show for family members, faculty and students of all grade levels on March 21st and 22nd.

Fourth grade teachers Fiona Owen, Sarah Kate Wilson and Brittany Knight help to put on the play and prepare the students for their roles. Owen said, “In preparation for the Easter Play, we choose parts very carefully to match the students’ preferences. We run lines together in the classroom after watching the previous year’s Easter play production. Finally, we guide the students with stage direction, voice projection, reaction, anticipation of lines and background knowledge.”

Students are excited to show off their talents and show viewers all the hard work they have put in. Fourth Grader Kate Powell who plays a narrator said, “I am most looking forward to performing the songs this year.”Reese Cadogan who also plays a narrator said she thinks it is important that the Easter story is shared with the Wesleyan community so that “people will know what God did for us by sending his son to die on the cross.” Jackson Sullenberger who plays a soldier said that is important for the story to be shared because “some kids may not have heard it before and will get a chance to hear of the good news.”

These students along with many others are eagerly awaiting to remind people of the importance of the Easter story or to share it with someone who may be hearing it for the first time.
Senior Shelton Gottlich who played the role of Jesus when he was in fourth grade said, “My part was pretty tough since I had to memorize a ton of lines and perform them in front of scary middle and high school kids. I knew that the entire story and its message focused on me and what I said, so I had some pressure to not mess up my lines.”
Another senior who played Jesus, Abraaz Khan said, “I don’t really remember what I thought as a fourth grader, but I can assume my heart swelled with pride at receiving half of the most important role that the prestigious, awe-inspiring Lower School theater program had to offer.
Owen said, “Performing the Easter Play to the entire Wesleyan community is such a blessing for the fourth graders. They are exceedingly proud to share the good news with our community, and it places a certain responsibility on their shoulders in the best way possible. Additionally, it prepares them for large audiences when performing, so it is a fantastic way to transition them into the middle school mindset. “

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