Fourth Graders Enjoy the Last Few Months of Lower School

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High school students reflect fondly on their time in lower school, whether it was at Wesleyan or some different school, and remember learning math with shaving cream on their desk, running around on the playground and crushing on your desk partner.

Fourth graders are eagerly awaiting middle school. The big step from lower school to middle school is right around the corner. Teachers like Caroline Pridgen have been working all year long to prepare her students for that monumental step. Pridgen said, “Fourth grade students are eager to learn and grow in curiosity, which leads to fun discussions and enables students to engage in exciting projects.”

Lower schoolers have open minds and wide eyes toward the knowledge being presented to them. Teachers make learning exciting and enjoyable for young students. Sophomore Hannah Steiner said, “I think when teaching fourth graders it is important to have a lot of fun activities that keep them interacted with what they are being taught.”

As the school year is over halfway done, Pridgen reflects on fun memories she has made through the year with her students. She said, “[One time] my students realized that we had an extra desk in the classroom early in the year and felt it was only appropriate to give this invisible student a name. Therefore, he will forever be known and remembered as ‘Bob’, the imaginary fourth grader.”

“One of my favorite memories is on the first day of school, I had a student bring me a dozen roses and tell me how excited he was to start fourth grade. It was such a sweet way to start the year,” said Pridgen. Fourth graders have such sweet hearts and genuinely love one another, especially their teachers.

Junior and Evergreen Chloe Hangartner said, “Lower school memories are some of the best moments I have had at Wesleyan, some that I will never forget and cherish forever, especially fourth grade.”

Pridgen said, “I have loved getting the opportunity to walk with students, as they learn how to gain responsibility and ownership of their learning. Fourth grade is a blast!”

The Lower School has many exciting activities still planned before the school years ends, but the fourth grade has a big event that is loved by the Wesleyan community, the famous Easter Play. Pridgen said, “We are getting geared up for the fourth grade Easter Play, and students are excited to share the Easter story with the entire student body. What a joy that our fourth-grade students get to share the Gospel with the Wesleyan community!”

The play is especially loved by high school students who remember back when they were the dancer or disciple on stage. Senior and Evergreen Abbie Blauser said, “The Easter Play was ‘too much, just too much’, I loved it and it is something that I will always remember.”

Pridgen’s fourth grade class is eager to keep learning and cannot wait to bring their excitement to the Middle School.

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