Top Places to Visit at Wesleyan

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School Store- The School Store has been one of the most successful additions to the Wesleyan campus ever. From the Pop Tarts to the groovy outerwear, the Wesleyan Spirit Shop provides students with a variety of reasonably priced goods. Do not forget about the mothers who work there, they are sweethearts, and they have Chick-fil-a, which is a must at Wesleyan.

Yancey Weight Room- The weight room provides students with the ability to get yoked and hang out with the one and only Mr. Coach Wolf Sir. If this is not tempting enough, it is home to an honorable mention on my top water fountains.

Hoover Training Room- The Hoover training room is the place to be. Coaches White and Encinas are some of the most entertaining people on campus. The room has comfy tables to lay down on, a small trampoline and variety of fun activities. It also happens to be the place where hurt people rehab so they can get back to being athletic. You find amazing people there.

Any room in the Fine Arts Building- The Fine Arts building is one of the most pristine establishments on this campus. Being one of the newer buildings, it has a lot to offer. From the various band and chorus rooms to the practice rooms the Fine Arts building is a chill place where you can see a lot of creative art. The art rooms make you feel artsy, even if you are dead awful at art, like me.

Backstage of Powell- The backstage of Powell is one of the more underrated places on this list. The changing room, in which I have only been once, is nice and there are tons of construction tools there. You can often find Mr. Staz or Mr. Simmons doing something creative back there as well.

Senior Lounge- The Senior Lounge is the hangout destination for most of, the greatest class in Wesleyan history, the class of 2016. It has some comfortable chairs, a television, vending machines, a microwave and a pool table. It’s also next to college advising which comes in handy for seniors.

Gilfillan- Gilfillan is where the important people on campus are. Billy Coxhead, Chad McDaniel, Ramona Blankenship and, the headmaster himself, Chris Cleveland. Gilfillan is a fantastically extravagant building. You can see the pictures of the current senior class, and everywhere you walk you feel like you are walking down the hallways of a major corporation. They also have some of the nicest conference rooms.

The Cub’s Den- The newly redesigned Cub’s Den is off the chain. Numerous comfortable cribs, awesome toys, high top chairs, all make the Cub’s Den a must visit. The kids are also super cute which is always a bonus. The volunteers who work there are some of the kindest people you will meet.

Chapman Library- Oh the library. What a wonderful place. My guess is there is over 2,000 books to choose from. They have the fancy big computers you can connect to that are fun to play with. They have an amazing water fountain and a super-friendly staff. The chairs are comfortable and the resources are plenty.

The Senior Parking Lot- The Hoover parking lot is the best lot on campus. It’s efficiently close to the high school and to several after school sports destinations. This is a place where you find many people talking, slinging Frisbees or footballs, or blocking certain juniors into their boldly picked spot.

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