Grinds My Gears

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Watson Copeland: “My ‘phat’ cat, Wallace, eating my socks because we are trying to make her less obese and can’t find food anywhere. Also, when Wallace munches on my headphones. You know how much money I’ve spent on headphones? Too much. Don’t get me wrong, I think Wallace is awesome and hilarious, but she is really teeing me off lately.” Watson Copeland.

Caroline Hayes: “When you have a lid on your water bottle, but it still spills all the time.” Quinn Kaloper.

Jeb Brown: “When Liam Coxhead untucks my shirt while running, slow walkers, people who win the warmup and people who put on their footwear sock-shoe-sock-shoe.” Ana Hanger.

Kris Laurite: “The fact that Abby Lee Miller is in jail. When the Spirit Shop is out of chocolate chip otty muffins.” Quinn Kaloper (bottom) Google Images (top).

Jamarcus Turner: “When I get hurt and I can’t compete. It grinds my gears to the max.” Ana Hanger.

Ellie French: “Having to change from your summer makeup to your winter makeup.” Quinn Kaloper.

Hampton Henderson: “Captive Portal.” Quinn Kaloper.

Carson Wood: “When I don’t have a key card and the Spirit Shop doors won’t stop buzzing.” Quinn Kaloper.

Ethan Moon: “When all the freshmen sit in the hall blocking everyone from walking to the other side.” Ethan Moon.

Kate Lalley: “When you can hear people chew their food.” Kate Lalley.

Sam Schmitt: “The fact that you can’t chew gum on campus. Also, when you get a detention for pulling your phone out right before you go out the door.” Quinn Kaloper.

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Grinds My Gears

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