• Student-Summer-Vacations-Nikki-and-Colton-Villa-1.jpeg
    Nikki Villa snaps an artsy picture in front of the mountains during her trip out West. NIKKI VILLA
  • Student-Summer-Vacations-Carter-Hayes-1.jpeg
    Carter Hayes is pictured with his dad and big catch from the fishing trip in Colorado. CAROLINE HAYES
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    Lily Surber has a blast at Camp High Harbor this summer with her fellow cabin mates and counselors. EMMA SURBER

Wesleyan Students Enjoy Summer Vacations

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Wesleyan students have been forced to come to an inevitable conclusion: summer has drawn to a close.

Some may consider the arrival of a new school year a blessing, but to many, even the thought of new textbooks and OneNote notebooks is enough to send them over the edge.

Regardless of their standpoint on the situation, the students can agree that a few months without school is nothing short of a blessing. So in order to quench your thirst of anything “summer,” a few students have agreed to share some of their experiences on vacation during their past few months of euphoria.

Fourth-grader Lily Surber went back for round two at the ever-so-popular, Camp High Harbor. Located on Lake Burton, High Harbor offers a multitude of activities to keep the campers busy. This year, Surber participated in archery, cooking, mad science and arts and crafts. She also said that her favorite part of her week at camp was definitely Night Program, where “we sing songs, dance and play games.”

Freshman-senior siblings, Nikki and Colton Villa, spent a week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. While most of the trip consisted of hiking, the Villas also visited Yellowstone National Park and experienced a large variety of wildlife, including buffalo and moose. One of the more memorable moments, Nikki Villa said, was “when we were hiking down a mountain, we saw a bear. My one regret was not taking a picture of it.” The Villas had a blast during their time out west, and would “hands down” want to re-visit.

One sixth grader that had an eventful summer this year was Carter Hayes, who traveled to Monte Vista, Colorado on a fishing trip with his dad. During his four-day vacation, Hayes fished along the Rio Grande River and enjoyed a guided rowboat ride. When they were not on the water, he and his dad stayed in a family friend’s ranch house located near the river. Hayes’s favorite moment from Colorado was when he “caught the biggest fish on the whole trip.”


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