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The Spirit Shop is a one stop shop for anything and everything for a Wesleyan student. From Wesleyan pullovers, to phone chargers, to any type of snack, the Spirit Shop has it all. But, what is the best item to buy? This debate has been going on ever since the Spirit Shop opened in 2015. Finally, the best, or the most popular, item to buy has been determined. Keep reading to find the answer.

A survey was sent out to 100 high schoolers throughout all grade levels, 86 of them said they loved the addition of the Spirit Shop to Wesleyan. However, all of them have different opinions on what are the best itme to buy.

Junior Caroline Gross said her favorite item to buy is Cheezits, while sophomore Chase Hill said his favorite item to buy is an Otis Spunkmeyer muffin. Freshman Lucy Mitchell said her favorite item to buy is Chick-fil-A, however senior Abbie Lochmandy said her favorite was milk chocolate bars. So, it is clear, that opinions differ greatly between grades.

Here are a few of the top-spot contenders: Chick-fil-A, any type of drink, Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, any type of candy and Cheezits.

In that same survey, students were asked to choose their favorite snack to buy in the Spirit Shop. The pie chart above shows the number of students, out of 100, who favored one of these choices over the others. Chick-fil-A came in with 27, drinks with 19, Otis muffins with 16, candy with 16, other types of snacks with 13 and lastly, Cheezits with six.

Students were also asked how often they go to the Spirit Shop, which most responded with around two or three times a week. But, again this number differs greatly from student to student.

The most purchased items include “definitely Goldfish, Cheezits or Poptarts,” said Cathy Binion, Spirit Shop manager. Binion also attends nationwide conventions for all school stores, just like the Spirit Shop, and said that “the same three top sellers, Goldfish, Cheezits and Poptarts, are the same in every K-12 school store nationwide.”

There is no doubt that the Spirit Shop is a booming addition to the Wesleyan community that has been given lots of praise. If you have ever forgotten to eat breakfast, no worries because the Spirit Shop has gotten you covered. That is exactly why it is so loved by so many.

Even though all the facts and statistics point to Chick-fil-A being the best item to buy in the Spirit Shop, there is no real winner because feelings vary greatly when it comes to snack choices.

Binion also revealed some exclusive information. She said, “Jeni’s Ice-cream will be sold in the Spirit Shop very soon!” With the addition of ice-cream, the Spirit Shop is expanding its horizons and catering to more demands of the Wesleyan community, which will for sure be a big hit!

The Spirit Shop is a place where hunger can be satisfied and all needs pertaining to Wesleyan uniforms and outerwear can be met! So, come on down to the Wesleyan Sprit Shop where you are sure to find something that hits the spot.

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