Senior Girls Enjoy Date Night with Dad

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Daddy – Daughter Date Night is a Wesleyan tradition that senior girls look forward to every year. Daddy- Daughter Date Night takes place on one night of second semester senior year and is a time for Senior girls to come and enjoy time with their dads.

Seniors Lauren Alexander and Kelsey Strott having fun at date night with their dads. Morris.

This year, date night took place on Saturday, March. 11 at Wesleyan. Although date night has been a tradition for several years, Senior Class Officer, Grace Chapman said, “this year we wanted to make it a little more casual/ fun with BBQ and an 80s movie!”

Last Saturday, tons of senior girls and their dads showed up at Dubose Dining Hall for a barbeque dinner followed by watching the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Senior girls gather in Dubose Dining Hall to socialize and eat with their dads. Morris.

Although it is only a short, one night event, date night is a very special time for all the senior girls and their dads. It is a fun night that all the girls and their dads cherish.

Seniors Sarah Dryden, Jessie Roberts, Morgan Keller, and Katie Von Bargen enjoy JR’s Barbeque for dinner with their dads. Morris.

Senior Rachel Morgan said, “I know that next year will be hard not seeing my parents every day so I am treasuring all the moments I have left with them during the end of my senior year.” At the end of senior year, many seniors get so caught up in how busy they are that it’s hard for them to make time to spend with their parents.

Senior Abbie Lochmandy said, “I just loved having a set time to hang out with my dad and watch one of our favorite movies together.”

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was a hit with all the girls and their dads. Senior Sarah Dryden even said her favorite part of the night was “hearing all of the dads laughing at the movie – you could tell they were all enjoying it!”

Seniors Anna Roy and Abigail Mitchell enjoying dinner with their dads and friends at date night. Morris.
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