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    Sophomores Hampton Henderson and Will Parrish engage in deep conversation outside in the warm weather. ZETZSCHE
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    Now that spring is upon us, flowers are in full bloom around campus. ZETZSCHE
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    Freshmen Connor Beaty and Sims Johnson give the warm weather a thumbs up. ZETZSCHE
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    Freshmen Bryn Alecxih, Anna Turner and Liza Yates enjoy the spring weather by spending the break after lunch outside on the quad. ZETZSCHE

The Top Ten Best Things About Spring

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As the frigid season of winter comes to a close, everyone is ready to SPRING into a new season. Spring is definitely the best season of the year for ten reasons.

1. FLOWERS:  As the ice melts from the ground, the flowers start to bloom and they make everything more beautiful. Nothing beats the moment when you are walking down the street and seeing a beautiful  flowers sticking out of the ground. The flowers that bloom in the spring are great, because they add a pop of color to the world, not to mention they are also a great way to brighten up your Instagram feed after the dreary days of winter.

2. Spring break: Spring break is a time of rest and celebration. After months of hard labor at school, nothing is more rewarding than a week long break. Whether it is relaxing on the beach, sightseeing around a new city, mission-tripping or just staying home and watching Netflix, the restful break in the legendary spring weather is exactly what everyone needs to get through the final stretch of the school year.

3. Clothing: Spring is a time to box up all of those winter coats and sweaters and break out the warm-weather clothes. After many long months of layering shirt clothes and wearing thick boots, there is no better feeling than walking around in the sun wearing shorts and a t-shirt to feel the warm spring air. And if you have had a growth spurt or maybe just want some new clothes, spring is also the perfect time to go shopping for a whole new warm weather wardrobe.

4. Daylight Savings: One special thing that occurs during the spring is Daylight Savings time. In the spring, we “spring” up an hour, making the sun both rise and set later, making the days longer. Between the longer light and the beautiful weather, the spring weather is sure to “brighten” everyone’s mood.

5. The final stretch of school: For students, the beginning of spring means one thing: summer is close. Students see spring as the final stretch of the school year, only a few short months left and they will be free from tests, early wakeup calls and school lunches for three months.

6. Spring cleaning: One of the best things about spring is spring cleaning. By getting organized or a good garage sale in the springtime. The beginning of a new season brings about new motivation for people. Now that the tiresome days of winter are over, many people are re-energized and are more motivated to do things, such as tackling the overflowing storage closet in the guest room, or just get their lives together and become more organized.

7. Animals: When the birds start chirping and the bunnies start hopping around, that is a true sign of spring. As winter comes to a close and the warm weather approaches, the animals start to migrate back north and come out of hibernation and it is honestly one of the best things about spring. Hearing the birds chirping when you wake up, not only makes you feel like you are in the Snow White, but they are also just a great little reminder of spring and the life that it brings #deep.

8. Being tan: For people who tan, spring is seen as an exciting time of the year. As the weather gets warmer and the sun shines stronger, skin starts to become darker. Farmer’s tan or not, tan is tan and anything is better than being pale.

9. Sports: Many great things happen in the spring, but the sports that go on in the spring has to be one of the bests. And spring sports have something for everyone. For those big basketball or baseball fans, March Madness and the spring baseball season kick off in the spring. For many high school athletes, spring is a big season. Between lacrosse, soccer, baseball, golf, track and tennis, there are many choices to play, or there are many sporting events to watch and enjoy the beautiful weather.

10. Fruits and vegetables: The last amazing thing about spring is all of the fruits and vegetables that are in season. Spring is not only the season when flowers bloom, but it is also the season when some of the best fruits and vegetables come into season such as; strawberries, avocados, bananas and lettuce. The best fruits and vegetables come into season in the spring, which is yet another great quality about spring.

Nothing beats the warm weather and high spirits of spring, making spring the overall best season.


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