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Megan Bielan – Thin Mints

As spring approaches, another important season falls upon us: Girl Scout season. Their beloved cookies are being sold by cute, little Girl Scouts in front of the market or knocking on your door. The cookies themselves are almost impossible to resist, but when you add in the smiling little face, it becomes virtually impossible to turn down a box of Girl Scout Cookies.

Choosing between all the delicious flavors of cookies is the hardest, yet best part about Girl Scout cookies. But this decision should be easy once lips taste a Thin Mint.

Thin Mints are the obvious choice when it comes to Girl Scout Cookies.

There is nothing better than opening a box of 32 cookies and just downing an entire roll. The minty deliciousness is impossible to resist. They are so easily pop-able and are just about one of the tastiest things you can put in your mouth. If these cookies were not already good enough, they get better. When the cookies are in the freezer for a little bit, they become a frosty and minty deliciousness that not even a superhuman could resist. Junior Becca Settlage said, “Thin Mints are my favorite cookie, but I only like them frozen.”

One type of cookie that some seem to think is better than Thin Mints are Samoas, but these people are just wrong. Samoas are no competition to Thin Mints. The coconut and caramel treat is an embarrassing representation of a cookie. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a cookie is “a sweet-baked food that is usually small, flat, round, and crisp and is made from flour and sugar.” Samoas barely fall under the category of a cookies. Samoas are not flat, they are round, but with a hole in the center, which does not represent any sort of cookie. Not only that, but Samoas are not crispy at all, which is a vital part in any type of cookie.

If these arguments are not enough, there is more. Samoas come in packs of a measly 15, while Thin Mints have more than double that with 32 cookies. Some would think that Samoas must obviously cost less because there are fewer of them, but that is not the case. 15 Samoas can be bought for $4, which is the same price as 32 Thin Mints.

Lastly, even though they are more delicious, Thin Mints are even better for you. Four Thin Mint Cookies are only 160 calories, while four Samoa cookies are a whopping 280 calories. Not only this, but Samoas have double the amount of fat as Thin Mints. Four Thin Mints are eight grams of fat, while four Samoas are 16 grams of fat. While Thin Mints are not only the lighter choice, they are also more satisfying.

The choice seems obvious. Any person in their right mind would realize that this chocolate deliciousness that also freshens your breath and is full of sweetness is the clear winner.

A very official bracket is used to determine the top two cookie choices. USA TODAY.

Ella V. Cooper – Samoas

The Girl Scouts of America are well-regarded by many for their continuous dedication to local communities. Building playgrounds, picking up trash or singing to old folks are a few ways that these girls make an impact in their towns. However, the most beloved and anticipated Girl Scout hobby is the selling of their famous Girl Scout Cookies.

Almost everyone likes Girl Scout Cookies. In the Girl Scout Cookie survey that all Wesleyan students were invited to participate in, 280/282 people claimed to like and/or buy Girl Scout Cookies. Only two crazy students clicked, “I don’t like Girl Scout Cookies,” and those two students are borderline senseless.

The real question shouldn’t be whether or not people like Girl Scout Cookies; it should be which Girl Scout Cookie is the best. Narrowed down, 65% of Wesleyan students had the favorite of Thin Mints or Samoas. One anonymous user commented, “I can’t choose. Thin Mints and Samoas are my favs.” This is hard to believe since Thin Mints and Samoas are two very different cookies. One is predominantly an attempt at a chocolate wafer with a toothpaste flavored center (Thin Mints), while the other is a beautifully crafted mix of caramel, dark cocoa and vanilla (Samoas). These top two favorites were closely followed by Tagalongs, but very far ahead of the other cookies that no one really cares about (Dulce de Leches, Do-Si-Dos, Trefoils, Thank U Berry Munch, etc.).

Samoas are the obvious choice for the long-standing debate between the two best Girl Scout Cookies. As a former Girl Scout, I can state that after a while, Thin Mints get old. They come in a box of 32 cookies, making each consumed cookie even less flavorful than the next, while Samoas come in a box of 15 cookies. Though, some might say that getting less than half the number of cookies is “taking an L,” it is wiser to choose quality over quantity- and the better quality choice is Samoas.

Samoas do not fall apart when you eat them, as Thin Mints do, and the caramel coating ensures that you can take a bite without annoying crumbs falling into your lap. Meanwhile, the Thin Mints ruin your outfit with chocolate stains. Furthermore, the wait time for Thin Mints is ridiculous, especially for a pre-made cookie. Most people say that Thin Mints are better after being frozen, but Samoas are at their prime at room temperature. Junior Lexi Howell said, “Samoas are hands down the best cookie,” and the best cookie is always ready to go.

The toasty coconut and the dark chocolate are not only pleasing to the taste buds, but also, debatably, the body. The lucky ones are able to convince themselves that downing an entire box of Samoas isn’t too bad because of the mix of dark chocolate and coconut. Coconuts provide benefits of fruit, while the dark chocolate is a healthier alternative for milk chocolate. There is no possible rationalization for eating Thin Mints. The fact that there are EIGHT servings PER BOX is hard to swallow, therefore the guilt for not agreeing with their small serving size of four cookies is soon to come. A single serving of Thin Mints contains 25% of an average person’s daily saturated fat intake, therefore the consumption of Thin Mints will lead to a day full of stomach aches, remorse and dieting.

Be a smart cookie and choose Samoas as the best Girl Scout Cookie.

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