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Senior Girls Enjoy Date Night with Dad

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Daddy – Daughter Date Night is a Wesleyan tradition that senior girls look forward to every year. Daddy- Daughter Date Night takes place on one night of second semester senior year and is a time for Senior girls to come and enjoy time with their dads.

Seniors Lauren Alexander and Kelsey Strott having fun at date night with their dads. Morris.

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Date Night at Wesleyan

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It’s that time of year again when the leaves start turning, the temperature begins dropping, and the warm-fuzzy feeling of love is all around! Fall is undeniably the most romantic season of the year, a time when you can hold a pumpkin spice latte in one hand and the palm of your love in the other. As the autumn leaves begin to fall, the Wesleyan dating scene begins to flourish. It is not uncommon to see couples strolling through the Forum, wearing matching sweaters or frolicking across the grassy knolls of Technology Parkway on the weekends. But during the school week, shared trips to and from the lake lots, lunch dates at Dubose dining hall and talking together on the quad all help to make the romance last throughout the week! But the most popular activity endorsed by Wesleyan couples is definitely grabbing a meal after school or practices.

Rumor has it the top places to eat are California Pizza Kitchen and Chipotle, so I teamed up with Quinn Kaloper to find out just how romantic these restaurants really are. And to top this investigation off, we joined Wesleyan’s hottest couple, Ms. Alex Bufton and Mr. Chris Paroli, for a surprise excursion to their favorite date night spot! Keep Reading

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