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March 2016

Promising Future Lies Ahead for Wolves Soccer Teams

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Several weeks into the season, the Wolves continue to dominate on the soccer field; the varsity boys remain undefeated with an impressive record of 8-0-1. With wins against tough competition like Alpharetta, Altanta International School and Discovery, the team is showing outstanding potential so far. The boys only tie came from a difficult game against Marist. Wesleyan has proven to be an offensive powerhouse, scoring 34 goals so far in only nine games.

Despite early success, the Wolves will need to keep progressing in order to compete with region opponents like GAC, Holy Innocents’ and Lovett.

“Our region games will definitely be the toughest, and we’ll need to play well in those to achieve our goal of winning the state championship,” said senior Grant Sauer. Sauer has proven to be an invaluable asset offensively and defensively for the Wolves, and his leadership is key to the success of the team. Keep Reading

Varsity Girls Basketball Completes Season with Runner-Up Finish

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The intense rivalry between Wesleyan and Holy Innocents’ brought the season to a close in epic fashion with an overtime finish in the 2A girls Basketball State Championship. These teams entered their fourth matchup this season for the state title, and Holy Innocents’ led the Wolves 2-1 in the previous three games. The Golden Bears took home the trophy this time with a final score of 66-64 in an unusual ending. Head Coach Tony Watkins ended his career at HIES with a championship.

Junior Micayla Coombs drives to the hoop against Holy Innocents' in the State Championship at the Macon Colosseum. Brian L. Morgan
Junior Mikayla Coombs drives to the hoop against Holy Innocents’ in the State Championship at the Macon Colosseum. Brian L. Morgan

The Wolves struggled early on, and Holy Innocents’ maintained a lead for the majority of the game. The Lady Wolves relied on sophomore Amaya Register who facilitated the ball well. Juniors Natalie Armstrong and Mikayla Coombs also played important roles putting up significant points and leading the charge on defense. Wesleyan managed to defend the Holy Innocents’ offense well, dominating the Golden Bears in the turnover battle, but could not score enough to take home the win.

Holy Innocents’ got ahead early and stayed there until late in the fourth when Wesleyan put together a run to tie the game. Sophomore Sutton West sealed the run with a clutch three to tie it up. In the waning seconds, an unnecessary foul led to three free throws for Holy Innocents’ Junior Shaiauna Blanding. Blanding went 0-3 to push the game into overtime with the score at 59-59.

Wesleyan got off to an early lead in overtime, bringing to score to 63-59. Register continued to lead the offensive effort in OT. With both teams in the bonus, foul shooting was paramount. The Golden Bears but together four quick points before Wesleyan Head Coach Jan Azar called timeout with a minute left in overtime. Keep Reading

He Said; She Said

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Will Harper

Few debates ignite a fire within many Wesleyan students the same way that Mexican food does. Perhaps that statement could be misconstrued; what I mean is, students are very passionate about Mexican restaurants. Some like Moe’s, others like Chipotle, and Jack Connors worked at Taco Bell. One time I even heard of someone who liked Qdoba. The point is, for ages people have been arguing about why one is better than the other. To be honest, I think they are all good, but I do prefer Moe’s over Chipotle, so I suppose I can pretend like it’s a big deal to me just for the sake of beating Ellie.

In light of recent events, this isn’t really going to be that hard. If nothing else, Moe’s is simply better because it won’t give you Ebola. I heard that Chipotle’s food has Ebola in it. That stuff is dangerous. Just kidding, it’s actually E.Coli. On top of that, Moe’s tastes better. When scripture refers to Canaan as the land of milk and honey, they are talking about Moe’s queso. I don’t really have any cold hard facts at all, but based on my frequent visits to both establishments I am pretty sure that Moe’s offers way more bang for your buck.

Most importantly, Moe’s has a way better atmosphere. When you walk into Chipotle no one yells “WELCOME TO CHIPOTLE!!!” and honestly if they did that would be pretty weird. At the local Moe’s, Ignacio makes everyone feel welcome. For a good while back in the day, you could get a free t-shirt if you yelled “welcome to Moe’s” before the employees did. They stopped doing that because they were losing a whole bunch of money giving away all those free shirts. Also, Chipotle does not have the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine. Moe’s does have that. Plus, Moe’s has TV’s, and Chipotle does not. Maybe they are trying to promote social interaction or something pointless like that.

Anyway, this argument is just silly because all of the Mexican restaurants are pretty darn good. That being said, Willy’s is far and away the best.


Ellie Hall

Simply put, Chipotle is bae. Chipotle is the best Mexican restaurant in the Forum by far, much better than stupid Moe’s. There are many different Mexican restaurant similar to Chipotle; for example, Willy’s, Taco Bell, Cheeky’s, ect., but Chipotle is the obvious choice. I know that Will is arguing for Moe’s, but I know for a fact that he is a huge fan of Chipotle because more than once, he has made me sit with him while he enjoys his Chipotle burrito.

There are many things about Moe’s that are problematic, but the main one is that the food at Moe’s is not fresh. In fact, the food is so yucky that I refuse to eat there. Sometimes I wonder how long the food has been sitting out, and the fact that I even have to ask myself that question is a reason not to go there. Also, it is so annoying when you walk in to Moe’s and all of the workers yell at you. Sure, they are saying welcome, but I feel like I am being ganged up on, and it is not nice. Senior Alex Thompson, who also hates Moe’s couldn’t have said it better when he said, “If you hate yourself, you should go to Moe’s. It is the worst excuse for a Mexican restaurant ever created.” Keep Reading

Wolves Lacrosse Shows Outstanding Potential in Early Games

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    Freshman Chloe Hangartner in a lacrosse game. Brian L. Morgan.

With sweat pouring down their necks and dirt covering their uniforms, girls lacrosse has fought hard this season earning themselves a record of 5-2. They have played some tough teams like Lambert who they lost to by a large margin last year; however, this season they beat them by one point, showing their improvement. Some of their biggest rivals Keep Reading

Sadie “By the Seaside” a Success

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There were lights hung up, leis everywhere and music blasting to make the 2016 Sadie Dance a night to remember. Although it was a chilly night, the Wesleyan “family” danced the night away like it was a summer night in the first weekend of March. Keep Reading

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