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April 2018

The Miracle of Missions

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Former Headmaster Zach Young once said, “Missions is one of the best things we do.” As a community Wesleyan strives to go out into the world and serve people from all walks of life, thus the missions program was founded to fulfill that great ambition. Today, the Wesleyan missions program has sent students and faculty to over 35 locations worldwide, with over 900 students and 190 faculty members participating on these life changing trips.

Wesleyan has not only exceeded the standard of excellence in our goal to serve but has also spread the word of Christ to thousands of people around the world. Every year students and faculty are commissioned by the greater Wesleyan community to do great work for the kingdom and as a result the community and the world are profoundly impacted. Christian Life Director Greg Lisson said, “We hope that the Wesleyan missions program will help members of our community to see the world around them with more clarity, wisdom, compassion, and truth. In particular, we hope that these experiences will help us to see other people the way that God sees them, and that our relationships with our neighbors would grow deeper as a result. As we’ve talked about with our Christian Life theme this year, the summation of the commandments of scripture is that we would love God and love our neighbor, and we hope these trips would help us to live out those commands more fully.”

This year 9 mission teams consisting of 214 students and 38 faculty members were commissioned to go to Atlanta, Chattanooga, Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, The Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, each trip having their own objectives. However, all nine teams shared the same spiritual goal: to spread the gospel to communities around the world and to serve those who have not been afforded the same privileged lifestyle that we have benefited from.

Whether it was difficult manual labor or playing with children every student and teacher did their part and dedicated their time and effort toward bettering the world through missions.

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Wolf Strengthens the Wolves

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In the 1977 hit documentary Pumping Iron, Arnold Schwarzenegger screams in pain as he attempts to pump out just one more incline bench press with hundreds of pounds hovering perilously above his neck. The all-out pursuit of perfect aesthetics is his only goal. Keep Reading

A Day in the Life of Lisson

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Every day, students see Mr. Lisson, Director of Christian Life running around Wesleyan. He always seems to be in a hurry, busy with different tasks every day. But a common question among many students is “what is this man always doing?” The Green and Gold decided to get to the bottom of it.

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Senior Spotlight

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Haley Badciong

What colleges are you applying to? I’m going to Auburn next year.

Who was your first Wesleyan crush? Josh Price.

What was your most embarrassing Wesleyan moment? Sophomore year at a football game, I was in the middle of tumbling in front of the run-through banner, and the football team ran though earlier than we expected so I was not out of the way yet, and then I ended up running in the middle of a group of football players the rest of the way to cause less chaos… it was so scary.

What will you miss most about Wesleyan? The community.

What is one thing you wished you had done in High School? Diving.

What are three things you cannot live without? Music, strawberries and blankets.

What was your dream job when you were a little kid versus what is your dream job now? When I was little I thought I could be a cheerleader my whole life, so that was my dream job, but then I realized that that is not possible, so I decided my dream jobs were to be a teacher and a cheerleading coach. Now my dream jobs are a physical/occupational therapist and a special ed teacher. Keep Reading

What I Wish I Had Known about Standardized Testing

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You are startled awake at 7:15 a.m. on a Saturday, thinking you just accidentally set a school alarm despite the weekend. Then, you bolt awake, suddenly remembering today is the dreaded ACT day. Scrambling to scrounge up some #2 pencils from the depths of your backpack, you remember the math section and panic, taking the batteries from your family’s TV remote for your calculator. You throw on some sweatpants with your pajama shirt, pray your printer will hurry up and spit out your ACT admission ticket and hop in the car to make it to your testing center by 8 a.m. You plop down at exactly 7:59 a.m. into your assigned seat at an unfamiliar school.

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