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September 2015

Who Wore Their Homecoming Week Costumes Better?

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Homecoming Dance a Success; King and Queen Announced

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The 2015 Homecoming Dance got off to a great start thanks to the DJs, Trevor Bramblett and Jonathan Pickens. As the night went on, the music intensified—starting with swing dancing music, and progressing to more upbeat, modern music.

Freshmen had various expectations prior to the dance. When asked about his anticipations for the dance, freshman, Andrew Pridgen said, “My expectations were for the dance to be crowded, but a lot of fun. My expectations were definitely met; I had tons of fun, and my favorite part was hanging out with my friends for the whole night.”

Like Pridgen, freshman, Ansley Cotter, said, “I’d have to say my expectations were pretty high, since I had heard a lot of talk about how amazing the dance was from the other grades, and my expectations were definitely met! I had so much fun dancing with friends, and the music was great. That night will certainly be one I’ll remember for a long time! My favorite part was probably when the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song remix came on, which was a special surprise.”

However, some ninth graders had lower expectations, like freshman, Annie Cowart, who said, “I had pretty low expectations for the dance. The only thing that I was actually excited for was dressing up and the DJ’s because I saw pictures beforehand and…” The freshmen girls agree with Cowart on how cute the DJs were, based on their Instagrams. Cowart was pleasantly surprised after the dance, saying, “My expectations were blown away at the actual dance part because of the music. The DJ’s were amazing and played really cool music the whole time, and it was really fun jumping around all night.”

The seniors were also excited about how fun the dance was. This was their fourth and final Homecoming Dance, and many said it was the best one yet. Senior, Chandler Marsh, said, “The dance was awesome, it was my favorite homecoming dance that we have ever had. The DJs were really hot and really good which made the dance even better. I liked it more this year because all of our grade was really into it which made it even more fun.”

On Friday, September 18th, seniors, Kylie Reed and Tucker Cannon, were announced as the 2015 Homecoming Queen and King. When asked about their experiences on Friday, Reed said, “It was a really fun night. I was so excited, and I’m glad I got to share that experience with my dad and friends. Definitely a night worth remembering!” and Cannon said, “It was cool to receive that kind of recognition from my high school peers. I loved sharing the moment with my sister who came back from Alabama to escort me. It was really special because I escorted her last year when she was on the court. Winning the football game also made it ten times better.” Congratulations Kylie and Tucker!

Kylie Reed and Tucker Cannon after being announced Homecoming Queen and King.
Kylie Reed and Tucker Cannon after being announced Homecoming Queen and King. Photo by Brian Morgan.

The 2015 Homecoming Court included freshmen, Lexi Jerding and Stevie Crawford, sophomores, Kat Hughes and Josh Payne, juniors, Abby Gardner and Bailey Renfroe, and seniors, Maggie Borbone, Sheridan Davenport, Anna Mosley, Elizabeth Ostwalt, Kylie Reed, Tucker Cannon, JT Eigel, Tyler Harper, Ryan Hughes and Abrazz Khan.

New Policies at Work

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As Wesleyan students and faculty roam the hallways, they might notice some things that would have raised some red flags last year. From eating in the hallway to rocking the K-Swiss, students are experiencing a plethora of new freedoms introduced by this year’s new policies. For those of you who are wondering why these changes came about, look no further. The Green and Gold staff has done the research and has all the answers.

The Green and Gold staff sat down in an interview with high school dean, Joseph Koch, to ask him about the new school policies. Some of the new policies we discussed were food and drink, additions to the dress code, and the new student lounge. Koch told us about how he, along with all the division heads and headmaster, Chris Cleveland, came to their conclusions. When asked about the new food and drink policy, Koch described that they are now allowing food and drink in the hall2k-swiss-classicway as long as students can clean up after themselves, and that they are giving teachers the discretion to enforce their own food and drink policy in their classroom. Koch went on to describe his reasoning behind changing this rule saying, “There are a lot of signs that talk about nutrition for students, and under the old policy I started to notice the trend that kids would only eat during advisory and would almost always eat junk food. As teachers, we are concerned with the health and well-being of the students. Allowing students to eat and drink outside of lunch enables them to eat more food, and more importantly, eat healthier food. It also teaches students to be good people and good stewards of Wesleyan and the world, which is a lifelong skill.”

Koch also described all of the new uniform additions this year, including the pea coat, the down jacket, and of course, the K-Swiss sneakers. He was excited that the new selection of clothes covers all weather seasons. He explained that Middle School Dean of Students, James Greco was the one who came up with the K-Swiss idea, and they liked it because it provided a shoe for injured students that still went with their uniform. Koch also discussed the new rules that come with the new student lounge saying, “The new lounge has new rules because of the new location and the TV. Students are expected to clean up after themselves and to follow the no video game rule. Allowing video games will make the lounge turn into a basement, when it is meant to be a place where students can do their work. The channels that the TV will be streaming are CNN, FOX, and ESPN.”

Many of these new policies have already taken their place in the Wesleyan community. Many students are “rockin’ the K-Swiss”, wearing the down jacket, and are already getting their pea coats ready for the winter. Even more students are now confidently walking the halls with a coffee or Chick-Fil-A cup in hand without fear of being caught by teachers. Students are definitely taking advantage of the new policies this year.

Music Midtown Rocks Piedmont Park

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    Photo: Abby VanLandingham

Music Midtown was quite the event this year. Although it conflicted with both the homecoming football game and dance, many people still made the annual journey to Piedmont Park for Friday night and Saturday for great music and time with friends. With a lineup headlining Elton John, Van Halen and Drake, the crowd stayed boisterous and loud throughout the entire event. With music ranging from classic rock all the way to electric pop and rap, Music Midtown caters to a wide array of music enthusiasts and provides great opportunity to hear music in one of the most unique environments around.

Senior Mallory Grizzle was very excited for Music Midtown this year. She said, “I’ve been going for three years and it’s become a tradition for me. The lineup this year is a lot less popular, but I love it. Jack White won the show for me last year. I’m excited for Catfish & the Bottlemen, X Ambassadors and some other awesome acts this year.”   With small and large market artists playing this year, everyone is destined to find a show that is perfect for them.

A major headline of the event was the performance by Drake. Drake came to his show with new music, but also threw it back to his older songs upon which he began his road to stardom. He definitely appealed to both the young and old audiences.

Even though Music Midtown did not have many Wesleyan representatives this year, the few and brave that went had a great time. The weather throughout the entire weekend was stellar with sunshine and clear skies, and the performances were world class. Once again, Music Midtown did not disappoint.

He Said; She Said

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    Photo by: Ellie Hall

He Said:

by Will Harper

Frankfurter, Volkswagen, gummy bear, Autobahn, mythology, Bach, Beethoven, twisty pretzel, sausage, Birkenstock- these are a few of my favorite things- all of which happen to have originated in the great land of Germany. Pardon my “Sound of Music” reference. That epic film is actually set in Austria, but what is the difference? Germany has produced an abundance of cool people, food, inventions and other stuff, but there is one product of this magical place that stands far above the rest. Birkenstocks are the greatest things ever invented.

I do not even know what dumb shoes Emma is defending, but I promise Birkenstocks are superior in every way. These German feats of engineering are perfect for running, jumping, skipping, walking, galloping, karaoke, frolicking, dancing and anything else that anyone could ever do. Some of them are actually pretty ugly, but it is not always about looking the best. Regardless of how “stylish” they are, Birkenstocks undoubtedly make a fashion statement that is nothing short of heroic. Our president Barack Obama says, “I love Birkenstocks, and they are amazing.”** How could anyone ever disagree with the president?  **not a real quote

Birkenstocks have been endorsed by a host of other celebrities too. For example, a quick google search would yield images of Usher, Ashton Kutcher, Heidi Klum, Ellie Hall, Camille High and Jesus all wearing these handsome foot coverings. Even the Oscar-less Leonardo DiCaprio has been known to sport some stocks every once in a while. The infamous plank that kept Rose alive but perplexingly did not have room for Jack at the end of “Titanic” was actually just a Birkenstock flipped upside down.

I received my first pair of stocks at the ripe age of 10. I wore them every day and slept in them until they bore a scent more foul than the areas of the freshman hallway surrounding Dr. G’s room during pig dissection. It wasn’t until my 17th birthday that I finally got a new pair. Emma was furious. She sub-tweeted about me, but I used my new sandals to block out the haters. I could go on for days about all the great features of my Birkenstocks, but one basic principal of good “He Said; She Said” writing is to ensure that the articles are similar in length. That being said, I need to wrap things up because Emma will not have much to say about her lame shoes. Birkenstocks are perfect, and it is just silly to try and compare them to any other shoes.

She Said:

by Emma Parrish

Let me get this straight, this is in no way a “He said; She said” worth arguing over because it is evident that I will win. For starters, Birkenstocks are the most hideous “fad” to ever come back in style. Who remembers wearing those awful-clog shoes when they were 8? My point exactly, you were a child who did not have a sense of fashion. Now a days, you see teenage girls all over the Atlanta area wearing these hideous-sandal, style Birkenstocks. They all say that they are “comfortable”, but I would take fashion over comfort any day. A fashion blogger even said in a review that, “They’re not sleek and beautiful by any means.” By owning Birkenstocks, you are taking a major risk in your friendships because there is a high possibility that someone will disapprove. I will never forget the day Will made the horrible decision to get Birkenstocks for his 17th birthday, I have not spoken to him since.

Everyone has seemed to have fallen into this trend simply because “everyone else is wearing them.” Well if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you? No, I did not think so. Celebrities have a huge influence on the youth in America. Recently, pictures have surfaced of them wearing Birkenstocks in the tabloids. I believe that celebrities should use their fame to influence teenagers in a positive way, not making them think wearing obnoxious shoes in our society is okay. It is also concerning how attached some people have become to their so called “birks.” They think that it is okay to wear these atrocious, casual things with any outfit, during any season, now that is a fashion foe. It’s like wearing flip flops in the winter, it makes no logical sense. The worst part about it is that it comes in a variety of colors. Now I can somewhat handle the classic brown style but when I saw Jordi Fietz wearing yellow Birkenstocks, I nearly fainted. Birkenstocks are not cheap either. You are basically paying $100 to embarrass yourself. This money could easily go to something worthwhile like fighting world hunger or towards your college fund. Birkenstocks have already gone out of style at one point so it will not be too long before you start to see them slowly fade away again. The day I can walk through a store and never have to look at a pair of Birkenstocks again will be one of the best days of my life.



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